Friday, May 7, 2010

Online Filipino Communities Unite with #JuanVote

Online Filipino groups, bloggers, and netizens start to unite in using the #juanvote hashtag for election-related matters leading to the upcoming Philippine Elections on May 10, 2010. and proposed the #juanvote hashtag to be used by a similarly named network of social media, internet users, and communities who wish to support a free and fair elections.

Aside from following @juanvote, network members are also expected to popularize and use the #juanvote hashtag, logo and URL in reporting on what would happen in precincts and canvassing centers nationwide come election day. This also includes overseas absentee voting (OAV) centers outside of the Philippines.

Aside from being a hashtag, this could also be used as a 'tag' in blogposts. Reports may be sent through SMS, email, blogs, mobile video, photos, Twitter, Plurk, Facebook, websites, forums and other social media and internet media tools.

Supporters can also share and republish reports from the #juanvote network and help confirm or verify reports submitted by the public and even members of other #juanvote members themselves.

On May 10, it would be used mainly for sharing information and insights on the conduct of the automated elections.
"#juanvote-tagged reports on Twitter and on the various websites of participating groups would be featured in hourly Citizen Breaking News on The Vote 2010, the special election coverage of Destiny Cable's GNN channel. The whole coverage will be available for free viewing via livestream for non-Destiny Cable subscribers in Metro Manila or those outside GNN coverage areas in the provinces."

Let us incorporate #juanvote in our responsible social media reports online.

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