Tuesday, June 30, 2009

IMAX Comes to SM North Edsa

Is the IMAX Theater in Mall Of Asia too far for you because you are living north of Metro Manila? Then fret no more!

On July 16, 2009, after opening the very first IMAX Theatre in the Philippines at SM Mall of Asia, SM Cinema is opening another IMAX Theatre at SM City North EDSA!

It would be equipped with IMAX's digital projection and theater systems powered by proprietary IMAX technologies that can put you, the audience, IN the movie. It is better than conventional digital systems, just as IMAX's film-based system is superior to conventional ones.
Through IMAX digital projection technology, images are delivered crystal-clear and the digital sound is laser-aligned. The customized theater geometry also maximizes the audience’s field of view.

All these together makes up the moviegoer’s IMAX experience.

Also, catch the following upcoming movies only at the new IMAX Theatre SM City North EDSA:

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince – July 16, 2009
with exclusive IMAX 3D scenes

Harry Potter begins his 6th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He then discovers an old book marked mysteriously "This book is the property of the Half-Blood Prince." This brought him to learn more about Lord Voldemort's dark past.
Under The Sea 3D – August 2009
The diverse coastal regions of Southern Australia, New Guinea and the Indo-Pacific areas gets an underwater look. The impact of global warming on the oceans are also shown.
A Christmas Carol 3D – November 2009
A retelling in animation of Charles Dickens classic novel about a Victorian-era miser taken on a journey of self-redemption, courtesy of the three mysterious Christmas apparitions.
Avatar 3D – December 2009
A band of humans are pitted in an adventurous battle against a distant planet's indigenous population.
For 2010
March 2010 - How to Train your Dragon 3D
May 2010 - Shrek Goes Fourth 3D
Hubble 3D
For movie inquiries & reservation of tickets, you may call 929- 5452 or 924-4274.
For inquiries and screening schedule, log on to www.smcinema.com

or you can email SM IMAX at imaxnorthedsa@smsupermalls.com.

In two weeks, the IMAX opens at SM North Edsa!

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Maricar Reyes as Grease Woman on May Bukas Pa (with Teaser Video)

My earlier article on Maricar Reyes commended her for her come-back in 'May Bukas Pa' after the Hayden Kho video scandal issue. It would also be interesting to note a similar parallelism in her guest role in the soap as a grease-woman.

In that role, she is despised, humiliated, and mocked upon by the public because of dirty appearance, foul smell and eccentric disposition. Somewhere along the story, leading child character Santino treats at her with sympathy and reagard her as a regular person with feelings, also capable of pain and hurt.
Santino sees that behind her greasy face is a dark past which might have pushed her into becoming a grease-woman. Somehow, Santino wants to give her hope, and perhaps help her heal from a haunting past and lead her to change.

Similarly in real life, Maricar is somehow at this phase of her life where she is rising from a dark past. Emerging beyond the mocking eye of the public from what transpired sometime before and how she overcomes them to go on through life again.

Above is a video teaser (sourced with permission from teamkapamilya.multiply.com) of Maricar Reyes as grease woman on the TV show 'May Bukas Pa'.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Using Globe DUO: Convenience of a Mobile Landline in My Cellphone

Staying in two houses alternatively is a hassle, much worse when one of them does not have a landline. Sometimes I stay at QC and at times in Makati. Callers are usually manually redirected to my cellphone in case they wanted to reach me immediately. Hence I got myself another mobile landline service last year from another network.

It provided what I need although carrying another phone (aside from my cell phone) can be a little burden. I also had to spread the news about my new landline number.

And so I was ecstatic when Globe released one of their newest service combining the cellphone and landline in one - Globe Duo. Finally, it only needs one sim and one phone. With Globe Duo activated, I was able to call any landline and fellow Globe Duo subscribers unlimited.
Well, actually, I don't mind calling landline numbers form my cellphone under regular charges when necessary. So actually, the best part I liked most about it is that anyone can call me from their landline for free. It works just like they are calling me on a landline. My relatives and friends don't have to text me to call them back when they need to talk to me. They could easily reach me now. It may be a little pricey at P399/ month for postpaid plans, but I guess the price would eventually go down in time.

Call it trivial, but I call the househelper on the landline now from my Globe Duo to open the gates when I'm nearly approaching the house. I don't have to disturb the neighbors with the car horn when I come home late at night. :)

The signal is always clear and hasn't failed me so far in Metro Manila. Although, it's common knowledge that the service is currently limited to the NCR and Cebu only.

It's funny when sometimes I unintentioanlly call a buddy in Cavite. The electronic operator says: "Sorry, but the person you are trying to reach is out of the coverage area," or something like that. Hopefully it will expand soon to service a wider market (and so I can call my relatives in Batangas for free without using national direct dial).

Below are some helpful information on the Globe Duo service:


For Postpaid

For postpaid plan customers, you just add P399 to your Globe plan which is good for 30 days.

For Prepaid

For prepaid plan customers, subscription to DUO Service is P125/5 days or P350/14 days, charged to your regular load.

How Does It Work:

* Once you are subscribed to DUO, you will be given your DUO landline number. Your mobile phone will now have two (2) numbers:
* • Your current mobile number (ex. 0917-XXX-XXXX) * • Your DUO landline number (ex. 02-XXX-XXXX)

* Upon activation, you can now make the following calls free of charge:
* • Your DUO phone to any landline * • Any landline to your DUO phone * • Your DUO phone to another DUO phone

Calls made to other mobile numbers or landlines outside the covered area/s are charged regular mobile rates.

* To call any landline: dial area code + landline number.

To call another DUO number: dial area code + DUO number of person you are calling.

No need for keywords or special prefixes!

NOTE: This service is initially available in NCR and Cebu until July 31, 2009 only. All calls outside the area code for NCR (02) and Cebu (032) will be charged regular mobile or NDD rates.
How To Avail:

For Postpaid (details here)
1. Subscriber can avail of the service through any Globe Business Center. Or you can register via SMS (with required SMS acceptance of Terms and Conditions). Simply text DUO INFO to 8888.

2. There will be an initial 90-day holding period for new activations, subject to pre-termination fee of P1,200.00.

3. You can avail of only one (1) active DUO landline number for every active Globe line at any one time.

4. After the holding period, subscription is auto-renewed on a monthly basis unless otherwise requested by the subscriber.
For Prepaid (details here)
1. Purchase a special DUO Prepaid SIM, available at a Globe Business Center or select retail partners in NCR or Cebu.

2. Load the SIM with a minimum amount equivalent to your desired DUO denomination:
  • • Text DUO 125 to subscribe for 5 days at P125.
  • • Text DUO 350 to subscribe for 14 days at P350.
  • • Area is MM for Metro Manila, and CEB for Cebu.
3. You can avail of only one (1) active DUO landline number for every active Globe line at any one time.

4. Your Prepaid DUO is valid for the number of days you subscribe to. Upon expiry, you have 30 days to reload in order to retain your DUO landline number. If you activate your DUO subscription after this 30-day period, you will be assigned a new DUO number.
For more details on the Globe Duo service. Check the Globe site here.

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - What I Love and Hate About It

I expected a lot from the Transformers sequel Revenge of the Fallen. Action wise, I got what I was looking forward to, and even more so. It was action-packed from start to finish.

The fight scenes were impressively done and the cinematographer almost went over the edge with all the CGIs and the cameras in full 360 degree swing most of the time. Some may observe that it might have been overdone but I liked it, it was what I expected from a Transformers movie and it provided the 'awesomeness' factor.

Among the battle scenes (aside from the war at the movie's ending), the first clash between Megatron and Optimus Prime in the forest, the transformation of Devastator in the desert, and BumbleBee's fight against Rampage and Ravage were the most outstanding.

The movie also introduced a number of new Autobots and Decepticons in the movie from Jolt to the twins Skida and Madflap, and from Jetfire to the Fallen.

However, the storyline suffered much in so many instances in an effort to explain things. It tried to say too much and miserably failed in the execution of the twist and turns.

I was not able to accept how the overly-done funny antics by Sam's mother and the college-classmate-side-kick-guy could mix smoothly with the movies' mythical theme.

And the highlight of this tragedy was when the primes talked to Sam in his unconciousness in shadows and sunset light.

But then again, I loved the movie for its superbness and I want to close this review on a positive note. :) The musical score was
admirable! That's what I'm talking about. Astounding sounds that fit an awe-inspiring movie.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is a science fiction film directed by Michael Bay with Steven Spielberg as executive producer. Shia LaBeouf once again took the role of Sam Witwicky with real-life broken fingers and Megan Fox as the beautiful girlfriend Mikaela who always looks dazzling and barely perspired amidst running through miles of sand in the desert.

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2 WWTBM Contestants Win P100,000 Each

Two contestants of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (WWTBAM) won P100,000 each in its show last Saturday, June 20, 2009. This is the biggest pot money any contestant was able to bring home since the game show started last May.

Winner of P100,000

Albert Doceo was ecstatic upon receiving his check with the amount of P100,000.00.

He said that it was his son, who was with him in the studio, which brought him luck that night.

Albert Doceo chose the P100,000.00 check over continuing the game for a possible higher amount of cash prize. He initially tried to take on the challenge posed by game show host Vic Sotto by using his 'Lifeline' - 'Phone-A-Friend'.

However, his friend run out of time to help him in answering the question.

Not being sure of the answer himself, Albert chose to go home with the sure cash prize rather than gamble with his chances.

Second Player Wins As Well

The succeeding contestant by the name of Dr. Joseph Cuevas also reached the hundred thousand marker and went home richer by P100,000.00 as well.

The night was really a big one for the contestants.

WWTBAM continues to be TV5's major show for their Saturday primetime block. The game show is further made exciting with twist and turns brought about by the "Lifelines" - ‘Ask the Audience’, ‘50/50’,and ‘Phone a Friend’.

To join, simply send an SMS with the format

"MILLION (space) Name"

to 2910 from any networks.

You will receive an automated reply for the succeeding steps.

Continue to watch TV5's newest game show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire every Saturday at 6pm with host 'Bossing' Vic Sotto.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson Passes Away After Heart Attack

Michael Jackson, famously known as the world's "King of Pop", passed away yesterday after collapsing and suffering from a cardiac arrest and at his Los Angeles home in California, news confirmed.

He was brought to the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center but hospital authorities were not able to revive the legendary pop artist. Autopsy to verify the cause of death would follow.

It is a sad news indeed for a man who have contributed much to entertainment pass away too early at the age of 50, albeit full of controversies in the latter part of his career. We remember in the younger days of our generation listening to his songs together with other music icons in the 80's like Madonna.

Michael Jackson made it big with his songs 'Billie Jean','Beat It', and the all-time best-selling album 'Thriller.'

RIP: Michael Jackson 1958-2009.
*Thumbnail photo source from Fox News

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fully Booked Rockwell on Sale

Fully Booked Rockwell Store will be on sale from June 25-30, 2009. There will be a 20% off on regular items and 15% for credit card purchases.

20% OFF
on regular items*
June 25 - 30, 2009
(Thursday - Tuesday)
Store Hours
Friday & Saturday: 10am - 11:30pm
Sunday: 10am - 10:30pm
Monday - Thursday: 11am - 10:30pm
* 15% off on credit card payments.
Local and consigned items are not included in the sale

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Maricar Reyes Guests on May Bukas Pa

After getting involved on the long stretched issue of the Hayden Kho Video Scandal, Maricar Reyes seems to be moving on as she guests soon on the ABS-CBN leading primetime soap 'May Bukas Pa'.

Next to Katrina Halili, almost everyone know Maricar's familiar face as one of the women allegedly in Hayden Kho's other video scandals that have circulated the internet and bootleg CD/DVDs around today.

And after staying quiet and out of the limelight since the scandal, Maricar Reyes now braves the public eye by appearing in one of May Bukas Pa's short stories.

The general public who have immediately dismissed her celebrity status as 'wasted' (sayang) and pre-judged her as a victim, or even possibly as a 'slut' from the other end of the spectrum, now raises their eyebrows in reaction to her courageous TV comeback despite the scandalous videos.

First off, the videos were not meant for public viewing. I believe that whatever transpired in those videos if so, having recoded years ago, were part of her past. It might not be something she can be proud of, but she/they presumably did it in their own privacy as a couple.
Her actions of being able to set that aside speaks of her courage to move on and face what lies ahead. It speaks of her propensity and disposition to see past through the judgmental eyes of the public and face whatever the future holds.

I say that she would make a good example for people who were put to shame in the past, emerged, and is now ready to move forward.

Being a celebrity at that, what she is doing now is not easy, to say the least.
*All photos are used with permission. First photo couretsy of PinayAds.com while the rest from teamkapamilya.multiply.com May Bukas Pa teaser video.

Surely, 'May Bukas Pa', with it's leading ratings in the primetime TV block would even soar higher as the public takes a closer look on how a Maricar Reyes takes her life back from the showbiz industry.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Laban Tayo Dyan! - The Paramihan Challenge

Anything that has to do with Paramihan (the most - in terms of numbers). Globe Telecoms launched the Paramihan Challenge last month where you could have the chance to win P100,000 ($2000+) by simply uploading your own creative videos within the Paramihan Challenge theme.

Any gimiks about 'paramihan' is acceptable! The most number of kiss-marks on a face, the most number of SMS sent in a day, the most number of pants you could wear all at the same time, the most number of Wifi spots accessed in a day, the most number of gadgets thrown from a penthouse, the most number of friends in all your social networks, and more, can be submitted as long as it is within the contest mechanics.

Check more details of the mechanics here or see below:

Contest Mechanics (as referenced from http://paramihanchallenges.multiply.com/)
  1. Record a video performing a Paramihan Challenge.
  2. Create an account on multiply.com and join the Laban Tayo Dyan! Paramihan Challenge group on paramihanchallenges.multiply.com
  3. Upload your entry as a video entry on the group’s page
    • Select your video file from your PC, record using Multiply Video Recorder, or Import videos using external sites.
  4. Fill in the TITLE and DESCRIPTION for the video. Describe your “Paramihan Challenge" and take the video. Don't forget to place your real name.
  5. Wait for the confirmation message in your email inbox.
  6. Hurry! Upload now. Last day to submit entries is extended until June 30, 2009.
  7. A voting procedure would also be incorporated to give you more chances of winning! Voting starts on July 3 – 18, 2009.
Who Can Join

Contestant must be a Filipino resident, at least 13-30 years old and above upon joining the Promo.

No contestant should be an employee of Globe Telecom, Harrison Communications, Universal McCann and YEHEY! and their relatives up to the 2nd degree of consanguinity or affinity. Otherwise, the participant/s will be disqualified to join the Promo.

Video Requirements
  1. The video should show a group stunt featuring the most number of people doing one act. You may also upload a video that may show the most number of places, things, or stunts that may or may not be a group activity.
  2. The video can be in any format and not more than 100MB or 10 minutes (for each video), as per Multiply requirements.
  3. The video should not promote another brand or entity.
  4. You should not manipulate the video by erasing or adding to any parts of your video.
  5. All video which will be submitted should be owned and have been taken by the contestant/uploader.
  6. The video should not contain inappropriate content, including but not limited to the following:
    1. obscene, pornographic or sexually-explicit content or information,
    2. content that is considered offensive to the users, such as those which encourage the commission of an illegal, immoral or threatening activity, promote harassment, racism, hatred or discrimination against any group or individual, or provide information which you know are false, misleading, or harmful to any group or individual,
    3. content which show strong support or opposition to any political or religious group or person.
    4. content which are defamatory or libelous in character or those which violate the privacy of any group or individual.
    5. content which infringe upon the rights of any third party, including copyright, publication right, or any other intellectual property or proprietary right, or those which promote the infringement of any party’s intellectual property rights.
    6. Minimum of one video and maximum of 10 videos may be submitted as entries.
Video Entry Submission
  1. You can upload you videos anytime of the day.
  2. Deadline for submission of entries is on June 30, 2009, 11:59 pm.
Voting and Judging Process

  • Judging panel (composed of client and agency reps) narrows down all video entries to 12 top videos
  • Agency will contact top 12 videos to get users’ personal information (name, age, mobile number, complete home address, e-mail) as required by DTI.
  • Top 12 videos are imported to www.globe.com.ph/paramihanchallenge
  • Announcement is posted on Multiply site (and social media marketing channels) calling users to vote for entries on the Paramihan Globe site.
    1. From among the entries, 3 judges from Globe Telecom, and its advertising agency Harrison Communications will choose three (3) winners on the basis of the criteria below:
      Judges’ score impact: total of 80%
      • Originality & creativity 35%
      • Over-all impact and appeal 25%
      • “Paramihan" factor 20%
      User voting impact: total of 20%
      • User Voting Scores* 20%
      • 100%
  • *User Voting Scores is computed as follows:
    All videos will be ranked from having the highest to lowest number of votes and will be graded accordingly:
    Ranking (highest to lowest no. of votes) User Voting Score (points or percentage)
    Top 1% - 20% 100 points or 20%
    Top 21% - 40% 80 points or 16%
    Top 41% - 60% 60 points or 12%
    Top 61% - 80% 40 points or 8%
    Bottom 20% 20 points or 4%

    Example: If your video earned votes and your ranking belongs to the top 1-20%, you will get 100 points or 20%.
    Computation = 100 points X 20% (total percentage from criteria for judging)= 20%
    Title of Video
    35% Originality & Creativity
    25% Over-all Impact & Appeal
    20% Paramihan Factor
    20% User Voting Impact
    100% TOTAL SCORE
  1. To vote online, must first log on to Globe site. Users must register to the site. Voting is only open to prepaid subscribers.
  2. Upon registration, voter will be directed to the video page.
  3. Registered users can only vote once per video entry but they can vote for different video entries from other users.
  4. Prizes for voters – will be chosen via electronic raffle from all registered voters.
VIDEO WINNERS win the following prizes:
Grand Winner P100,000 / winning video
2nd Place P40,000.00 / winning video
3rd Place P20,000.00 / winning video

VOTER PRIZES: 10,000 (per winner/ total of 3 winners)
Consolation prizes:
Each voter will win a free EverybodyTXT 20 load. Voter will only win once but he/she can vote for different video entries. Load is receivable within 3 weeks from the registration/voting date.
Note: Voters will receive their free EverybodyTXT 20 load via mobile/ electronic coupon.
  1. Globe Telecom shall shoulder the prize tax of 20% of prizes amounting to more than Php10,000.00.
Determination, Notification, and Validation of the Winners
  1. Globe Telecom will determine the winning videos on July 24, 2009 in the presence of a DTI representative at Globe Telecom Office, 4/F Globe Telecom Plaza II ,Pioneer corner Madison Streets ,1552 Mandaluyong City
  2. Within 3 working days from determination date, Globe Telecom will notify all the winners through phone from (02) 730-2355 and email (from mpnarra@smtp.globetel.com.ph). Winners will be notified via registered mail.
  3. Each winner must confirm via email within one month from notification to Malou Narra (mpnarra@smtp.globetel.com.ph).
    These are options on where to claim your prize:
    • Metro Manila winners should claim it at Globe Telecom office
    • Provincial winners may claim the prize at Globe Telecom office or nearest Globe Telecom Business Center.
How to Claim the Prize
  1. After confirmation with Globe Telecom the winner/s may claim the prize 4 working days after confirmation:
    Globe Telecom Office (For Metro Manila Winners)
    Malou Narra
    4/F Globe Telecom Plaza II
    Pioneer corner Madison Streets
    1552 Mandaluyong City
    9 am to 5pm, Mondays to Fridays.

    Nearest Globe Business Centers (For Provincial Winners)
    9am to 5pm, Mondays to Fridays,
  2. When claiming the prize, the winner/s should be present and must present each of the following:
    1. 2 valid IDs with photo (SSS, GSIS ID, company ID, student ID, postal ID, voter’s ID, driver’s license, passport and birth certificate), and
    2. For minors 13-17 years of age,a waiver/authorization form from their parents or guardians will be required. Waiver form will be given together with the notification letter via registered mail.
    1. 2 valid IDs with photo (SSS, GSIS ID, company ID, student ID, postal ID, voter’s ID, driver’s license, passport and birth certificate), and
    2. Activated Globe SIMs.
    3. Photocopy of Globe SIMs
    4. For minors 13-17 years of age,a waiver/authorization form from their parents or guardians will be required. Waiver form will be given together with the notification letter via registered mail.
    Failure to submit any of the above requirements shall give Globe Telecom the right not to release the cash prize.
  3. Winners must claim their respective prize within 6 months from the date of notification and announcement in the website. Failure to claim the prize within the 6 months period will result to the forfeiture of the prize in favor of Globe Telecom with prior DTI approval.
Grant of Rights
By joining the Promo, each winner grants Globe Telecom and its successors, licensees and assigns, the irrevocable right, but not the obligation, with or without our knowledge, to use the video or any portion thereof in any and all media, whether known or hereafter devised, including without limitation, television and publishing, and in connection with the advertising, sale, promotion, marketing, merchandising, distribution, publicizing and all other types of exploitation of the Promo or the website or any part thereof, or in any manner whatsoever, which use shall not entitle each or all members of the vidoes to receive any compensation whatsoever in addition to the cash prize.
Important Notes
  1. The decision of the judges (Globe Telecom, Harrison Communications) is final and not subject to disputes with the concurrence of the DTI.
  2. All users will be duly acknowledged for their video entry/ies but Globe Telecom will have the rights to all submitted photos in the contest.
  3. Video Winner may only win once. If he/she submits two videos and wins more than once, he/she will only get the prize with a higher value.
  4. Winning voters may only win once as well.
Qualification and Disqualification of Winner/s
If any of the winners is an employee of Globe Telecom, Harrison Communications and YEHEY! or a relatives up to the 2nd degree of consanguinity or affinity of said employee then the video uploader and voter is not qualified to join the Promo.

For frequently asked questions, check this out!

Together with some friends, we had a try of our own 'paramihan', but not in video though - paramihan of faces we could fit in a photobooth picture. :)

Join now! Laban Tayo Dyan! - The Paramihan Challenge and upload you videos here.

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Poster Teasers

The upcoming Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, starring Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson and Jim Broadbent will be showing soon.

Together with the latest trailer, the movie also comes the unveiling of the four banner artworks which features Harry and Professor Dumbledore, Ron and Ginny, Hermione and Professor Slughorn, and Draco and Professor Snape.

Voldemort starts to tighten his grip on both the Muggle and wizarding worlds and Hogwarts no longer seem to be safe. Harry suspects that dangers may even lie within the castle, but Dumbledore is more focused in preparing him for the final battle that he knows is fast approaching.

They work together to find the key unlocking Voldemort's defenses. Dumbledore also recruits his old friend and colleague Professor Horace Slughorn, whom he believes holds crucial information.

At the same time, the students are under attack from a very different adversary. Harry finds himself drawn to Ginny, but so is Dean Thomas. On the other hand, Lavender Brown has decided that Ron is the one for her. All that while, Hermione is jealous but determined not to show her feelings.

Love is in the air, but tragedy lies ahead and Hogwarts may never be the same again.

*The images were provided by Warner Bros. Philippines.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince movie will be showing nationwide on July 16th, by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Find and Be Found: AKA Mobile Directory, Messaging, and More

When Google first came out with a simple-looking web application called the search engine more than a decade ago, it was so ordinary nobody expected it to become what it is today. Now, another unique-sounding application is leveraging on the lucrative industry of search engine technology and messaging systems. It's called AKA.

AKA is basically a Short Messaging Service (SMS) and web based mobile directory system. The AKA Mobile Directory has its own directory-based search engine which allows any registered mobile phone user to search and be searched within the community either through SMS or the internet.
Directory Search

By simply typing AKA FIND 'keywords' (ie: AKA FIND letsgosago philippines) on your cell phones, the system returns a list of alias that matches the specified keywords. If your query results only to one, the directory entry is immediately shown (like in this case).

One can also directly get information about an entity if you already know the alias. For example, type:

and send to 0922.999.7255. You will then receive the exact directory entry of the blog entity LetsGoSago.net.

Moreover, users can create searchable information within the system which essentially makes them publishers as well. Bring it to another level and you get mini-blogs; just like regular blogs which you can send as SMS, emails, and as widgets. Its flexibility can even accommodate user applications like SMS-based promos, point system, messaging systems, and the likes. This is where future developers' ingenuity can be most harnessed and explore the possibilities of coming up with killer applications that would really 'click'.
A user can do all these as well on the web by accessing http:AKA.name


Currently, its strongest-potential feature would be its integrated messaging system which works on both SMS and the web. Registered users can communicate with each other through individual usernames or group aliases. These messages can then be routed to various channels such as SMS, any AKA Inbox, as an e-mail, or even social networking notifications.

With the Philippine market's penchant for anything SMS-based, and being the top SMS market in the world, it holds a lot of promise.

Interestingly, It uses two simple commands "AKA TELL" and "AKA YELL". As the keywords suggests, The former sends messages to one user within the directory while the latter sends it to a designated group of people called 'watchers'.


Sending format using AKA Tell is simply:
AKA TELL 'message'
The message will then land in the registered receiver/user's cell phone as an SMS.

The sender can send it using his/her cell phone or from his AKA account on the internet. From the web, the user has the option to send it to the receiver's AKA inbox only, or include his/her cell phone.

There are times that you need to send the same message to a number of people, this is where AKA Yell is most useful. It's a broadcast command which enables the message creator to send it to all you 'Watchers.' Watchers are users who have agreed to receive your broadcast messages. Very similar to blog subscribers.
Think about a restaurant business owner sending his newest promos to his subscribed loyal customers/watchers.

To Yell to all your watchers:
AKA YELL 'message'
To Yell to a select group among your watchers:
AKA YELL 'groupname' 'message'

To Watch another user:
AKA WATCH 'alias'
Regular Pricing/Cost

Sending both TELL and YELL through the web alone is free but sending it as an SMS message consumes AKA Credits which may be bought in the near future similar to SMS load we have around. Otherwise, your message will be delivered to the target user's AKA Inbox for free.

The SMS search engine utilizes a centralized Sun TxtBlitz Service with the contact number 0922.999.7255. Just like any telecommunication charging schemes, using/sending the AKA commands to the Sun Cellular number incurs cost at the current normal rate of P1.00 (or free if your plan allows you to do so, like my Sun Plan 350 which has unlimited call-and-text SUN to SUN).

Room for Improvement

YELL's concept of braodcasting to your reader-base ('watchers') looks promising. However, one hindrance I see on the side of the broadcaster/business owner would be cost. Sending a 'yell' to my 100 watchers also consumes 100 AKA credits on my part (the sender). As a business owner, I would first have to think twice before sending information to my customers/watchers. Is it worth it? Is the cost worth the ROI?

I hope AKA can provide a good business model soon to allow the Yell feature to be utilized in a cost-effective manner without sacrificing community participation.

The AKA SMS Shoutbox feature such as the PLOG, buy.sell, and BBZ are snazzy applications which can hold great appeal to users and organizers for events.

Currently at beta version, AKA.name is still limited to Philippine-based mobile networks.

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Vanity URLs: Facebook Username Gives In

"What's in a name?" is a tired question that has been asked for years. And with the modern era's predilection for branding, a name is almost as important as the product in terms of perception and cognizance. In response to this, Facebook has finally made available the feature of customizing profile usernames. Customize your Facebook username now.

Also called vanity URLs for the conscious, being able to personalize user names ticks the fancy of self-centered individuals which compose much of Facebook users. :) Kidding aside, being able to uniquely label oneself is akin to branding. It provides easy-to-remember URLs for networking purposes compared to the cryptic-alphanumeric combination string previously given. Check this example: http://www.facebook.com/s.php?q=lets+go+sago&n=-1&k=400000000010&sf=r&init=q&sid=4a8a704a622823b206c6b3ae4536c6b0#
Facebook enabled this feature today - June 13, 2009 at exactly 12 noon. My online community at Plurk.com was pretty aware of it and was posting a count down by the minutes. Talk about excitement. I was one of them, by the way.

And the clock stroke 12nn. After clicking a button to confirm my inclination for a personalized username, I was offered different options including one with a 'dot' (.) between my first name and last name. Although my primary email is of that nature, I realized that an extra 'dot' syllable can confuse some potential future friends upon networking. Simply said, I settled for my full birth name without the dot: facebook.com/joneluy
One issue to be immediately expected from this is the sudden rush for 'cool' usernames. Good for you if you can get one Facebook hasn't tag as a "generic word." Facebook has warned about generic words not being available as usernames. They did not release a list for this but 'flowers' and 'pizza' were mentioned as among them. Be careful with copyrighted brands as well, since in essence, they are...uhm, copyrighted.

Ok, you did not vie for the facebook.com/cool or facebook.com/microsoft. However, you still cannot get your facebook.com/john.doe. Why? because somebody beat you to it. Your creepy neighbor at the other side of the street has planned pretty much about this long beforehand as a form of revenge when your dog left a poop on his lawn. He just grabbed your well-loved username and you cannot do anything about it.
Well, ok, Facebook user name general information page states that there is still that possibility (however minute; perhaps even if you have the same first name and last name)

Facebook reserves the right to remove and/or reclaim any username at any time for any reason.
Be careful as well by checking the spelling of your intended username before clicking confirm. There is no changing/editing user names after that. It also requires at least five characters and can only contain letters, numbers, and a period.

Have you customized your profile username? Check more details about Customizable Facebook Usernames here.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sandbox Mobile Media Launch a Sandblast

After officially launching Sandbox.com site a month ago as a web portal through a number of print, online, and television commercials, Sandbox is now launched as a mobile platform as well. The media event was held earlier this evening at the Bureau in A.Venue along Makati Ave, Makati City.

The party was filled with celebrity guests and personalities like Chris Tiu, Ramon Bautista, Borgy Manotoc, and Brent Javier. Mo Twister and Mojo Jojo hosted the program.
After the introductory speeches of the executives, Sandbox main features such as downloading, gaming, watching, sharing and shopping were represented theatrically with performances.
It boasts of merging social networking, mail, content uploading, and music and video downloading into one website for a complete digital experience. Create and update profiles, upload and check on friends’ photos and videos, write blogs, join forums, send and receive e-mail, as well as download music, games, and various contents.
A mini fashion show was also executed showcasing merchandise that may be available in Digisoria - Sandbox's version of online retail portal.
A preview of upcoming Sandbox television commercials with famous celebrities were also shown to the media. These included the 'My Groups' blogger commercial with Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson.
An even more stellar appeal with Angel Locsin and Piolo Pascual TVC represented the Sandbox 'Watch Me' function.
The party was capped with raffle prizes including new Nokia cell phones and VIP tickets to the Pussy Cat Dolls Manila concert which happened a few hours after the party.

Smart Communications is finally focusing on Sandbox as a mobile platform which is its stronger arm over other current social networking platforms as pointed out in a previous article.

Sandbox proponents also mentioned offering the site's mobile browsing service for free. This is a positive move by Smart for Sandbox users. It would be a big help in its market penetration amidst current loyal users of Friendster, Facebook, and Multiply. Time will tell however, if Sandbox will emerge victorious in this online social dominance.

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