Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Maricar Reyes Guests on May Bukas Pa

After getting involved on the long stretched issue of the Hayden Kho Video Scandal, Maricar Reyes seems to be moving on as she guests soon on the ABS-CBN leading primetime soap 'May Bukas Pa'.

Next to Katrina Halili, almost everyone know Maricar's familiar face as one of the women allegedly in Hayden Kho's other video scandals that have circulated the internet and bootleg CD/DVDs around today.

And after staying quiet and out of the limelight since the scandal, Maricar Reyes now braves the public eye by appearing in one of May Bukas Pa's short stories.

The general public who have immediately dismissed her celebrity status as 'wasted' (sayang) and pre-judged her as a victim, or even possibly as a 'slut' from the other end of the spectrum, now raises their eyebrows in reaction to her courageous TV comeback despite the scandalous videos.

First off, the videos were not meant for public viewing. I believe that whatever transpired in those videos if so, having recoded years ago, were part of her past. It might not be something she can be proud of, but she/they presumably did it in their own privacy as a couple.
Her actions of being able to set that aside speaks of her courage to move on and face what lies ahead. It speaks of her propensity and disposition to see past through the judgmental eyes of the public and face whatever the future holds.

I say that she would make a good example for people who were put to shame in the past, emerged, and is now ready to move forward.

Being a celebrity at that, what she is doing now is not easy, to say the least.
*All photos are used with permission. First photo couretsy of while the rest from May Bukas Pa teaser video.

Surely, 'May Bukas Pa', with it's leading ratings in the primetime TV block would even soar higher as the public takes a closer look on how a Maricar Reyes takes her life back from the showbiz industry.

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