Saturday, November 21, 2009

Join Facebook Paypal Wishlist App

Earning $100 with Facebook's Paypal Wishlist Application, the latest application craze which seemed to have started 2 days ago, is now abuzz all over the Internet. You simply go to this paypal wishlist facebook page and choose your 5 wish items!

It's that simple and you can start earning $1 for every referral who also makes the set of wishlist. Of course, for the promotion to be financially viable, they have set a maximum earning limit of $100 for every Facebooker.

Hey, $100 is not bad! It also makes a nice set of Christmas Wishlist fit for the season.

If you don't have an invite yet, click here to make your own Paypal Wishlist.
As of this writing, I have earned $3 in less than an hour after sharing it with friends like you.

So what are you waiting for? It takes only about 2 minutes and only 1 minute if you have high IQ. :) Make your Paypal Wishlist now! or Click Here!

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