Tuesday, October 19, 2010

COMDDAP 2010's Imagen.I.T.

This year's COMDDAP would incorporate Imagen.I.T. Pinoy as part of its program come December 2 to 5, 2010 at the SMX Convention Center.

With talent in every artistic field, no doubt digital image Pinoy experts will strut their stuff with creativity in the Imagen IT. No themes. No color schemes. No age brackets. Doesn’t matter how the image was made as long as it’s in digital format and conforms to the technical requirements. Just show COMDDAP what you’ve got and they’ll take a look.

Images must be in good taste. Things to remember:

1.    COMDDAP is a well respected business association of computer companies that want to support digital arts with a simple contest so we should make sure that the digital art shown doesn’t offend. 
2.    This is an open contest with no age brackets so there will be a lot of younger people looking through the site, looking at your pictures, seeking inspiration from the great work that will be posted. 
3.    The site is also viewable by the rest of the world so any hint of offensive material to any race, color, or religious belief will not be accepted.

Basis for acceptance of entries

Your submissions will be viewed and prequalified by a COMDDAP representative. If your submission is deemed acceptable, it will be uploaded onto the site gallery for open voting. After a submitted image is chosen, the artist will be sent an email confirming that his or her work has been uploaded and is now available for public viewing and voting.  We will not entertain inquiries that ask us to justify why their entry was not accepted.

Public Voting

Unfortunately public voting will have no direct weight on the judging criteria. What it will do though is it may make the judges look twice and think more about your entry. We’re not limiting the number of times you can vote so that you can ask your friends, relatives and entire FB and Twitter fans to vote for you. So campaign for yourself and increase the chances of getting noticed by the judges.
Imagen IT
Choosing a Winner

A board of judges composed of COMDDAP chosen members will use purely subjective criteria in determining who will be the winner.  As in any image contest, the overall impact of the image will determine the winner. As there are no constricting criteria for submission, the winner will be based solely on what the judges collectively agree is the best submitted and accepted image. As in all things, the judges’ decision is final.

Intellectual Property Rights

1.    COMDDAP will make no claim to any intellectual property right of any submission, whether accepted or not, except that COMDDAP has the right to use the winning images, whether online or in any form of media, for purely promotional materials involving COMDDAP.
2.    COMDDAP takes no responsibility for images fraudulently submitted as original. COMDDAP assumes that every image is a genuine and an original creation of the individual who submitted the image as indicated in the sign up form.  Should a stolen image win, COMDDAP then limits its liability to removing the image from the COMDDAP site. Any legal proceeding regarding its submission or prize winnings is between the individual who submitted the image and the individual who claims ownership.

Check http://Imagen.IT/ for more details. See you at the COMDDAP 2010's Imagen.I.T.

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