Saturday, May 30, 2009

Humans Vs. Machines: A Terminator Salvation Movie Review

This is judgement day. In contrast to the three previous Terminator movies which was first set in the 1980's, Terminator Salvation is set in the time when machines ruled the world and the humans struggle for survival.

Here, the viewers were given a peek of how John Connor played his part at the onset stage of the resistance and how his influence can actually lead the human resistance against Skynet and its hoard of Terminators.

Terminator Salvation is said to start the series of Terminator movies that would complement the latter two Terminator movies as this one fits the puzzles of Terminator I.

With the younger Kyle Reese meeting his 'older' son John Connor, Terminator fans' questions of what could have happened in apocalyptic 2018 has been answered in parts.

Christian Bale portrayed John Connor's character fittingly well in this war-themed movie. The love-hate relationship with newcomer Sam Worthington in Marcus Wright character was also an interesting angle in the movie.

I should say Sam Worthington has a great potential in the industry.

I admire the great effects and execution of cinematography in the first two-thirds of the movie, specially the 'awesomeness' of the giant terminator at the explosive gasoline station scene highlighted with two motorcycles coming out of its legs. (Transformers soundtrack start).

And with that level of expectation, the latter part was a disappointment starting from inside-the-Skynet sequences up to the end. The story-line and scenes were just too simplistic and predictable for the climax.

That aside, the movie gets a thumbs up and I am looking forward the upcoming two more installments in the next few years.

Other stars include Anton Yelchin as Kyle Reese,
Bryce Dallas Howard as Kate Connor (previously for Charlotte Gainsbourg) , and Moon Bloodgood as Blair Williams. It's a Columbia Pictures movie and the film was directed by McG. Credits to TV5 for the special screening invite.

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Life Haven Holds "Live Free" Concert

Life Haven will be holding a fundraising concert tomorrow, 8pm-May 30, entitled “Live Free” at Crossroad 77. The project will showcase talents of persons with disabilities in the performing arts. The main performer is the Beautiful Gate Foundation for the Disabled Performance Art Troupe which will be joined by Filipinos with disabilities as well as mainstream bands that support their cause.

Other features include Ballroom Dancers on Wheelchairs of Tahanang Walang Hagdanan, Rondalla on Wheels of Bahay Mapagmahal, and bands Juan Pablo Dream, Blue Jean Junkies, and Good Morning High Fives.

The press conference was held earlier at Trenza Salon along Mother Ignacia St. where the organization was introduced and the concert pitched.
Life Haven, Inc. (LHI) is a duly registered non-profit organization of persons with disabilities (PWD) with a mission to promote the Independent Living (IL) Philosophy. The IL movement started in the 70’s encouraging the restoration of self-confidence and self-respect of persons with disabilities, promoting active participation in and awareness of our inherent rights such as equal opportunities. The movement is striving for social change within the community that will result to a barrier-free society where persons with disabilities are successfully integrated in the community with equal rights and opportunities as those without disabilities.

It is also their dream to establish an IL center in the Philippines and have different centers across the archipelago as well to further promote their services such as:
• Advocacy
• Peer counseling
• Peer support group
• Peer visits
• Information dissemination
• Wheelchair assistance
• IL program

The Beautiful Gate Foundation (BGF) for the Disabled was established in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia in 1993. They provide accommodations, job trainings, education, recovery programs and various services including independent living programs and services to support persons with disabilities to live independently. The BGF Performance Art Troupe has proven their mettle as shown in their numerous performances like in states and cities throughout Malaysia, such as Sabah, Penang, and Kuala Lumpur.

Among others, the concert aims to
• To raise funds for IL activities and services
• To showcase the talents of PWDs in the performing arts
• To demonstrate the determination and desire of PWDs to live independently

Crossroad 77 is located at Mother Ignacia St., corner Scout Reyes St., Quezon City

For further inquiries about the project, please contact

Benjamin Bernandino
Project Director – Life Haven
Telephone No. 4433459
Mobile No. 09215793996
Or go direct to Life Haven Inc. located at 2189 M. de Leon St., Fortune Village 2, Gen. T. de Leon, Valenzuela City 1442. Telefax: +63 2 3520868 Their Email is

Please do check more information about Life Haven Inc. at and

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Friendster Yesterday, Facebook Today, Sandbox Tomorrow?

The online space called the Internet saw a deluge of social networking sites ever since MySpace and Friendster dominated the industry a few years ago. Big social networking names such as Hi5 and Multiply followed suit. Today, we have Facebook, LinkedIn, Ning, and the newest talk of the town - Sandbox.

Many other social networking sites tried to replicate the successful business models but not everyone succeeded. Only a few were able to establish their own marks filling a specialized need in the market.

Friendster Yesterday

Undoubtedly, Friendster started the social networking craze in the Philippines. With a catchy phrase that obviously pertains to connecting friends online, Friendster became a local household name among teenagers which were evidently the early adapters of the concept and the technology involved. It also appealed to adults after the 'friends' connection enabled them to find long lost friends and acquaintances online. People in their prime found their old classmates on the web and used the social network to catch up on each other. Even overseas Filipino workers (OFW) and their relatives at home found it to be a good tool to remain in contact and keep updated.

A more recent and another local success story would be Multiply whose easy-to-use photo album, I believe, catapulted it to success. Being a nation with a penchant for on-the-spot photography and camera shooting instincts, Multiply was able to tick that shutter-lovin' soul of the Filipinos. The same photo album features were eventually utilized by small-sized local entrepreneurs. They found online selling to be a viable business which levels the playing field against big established companies.

Facebook Today

Zoom in today, for some reason, everyone seems to be in Facebook. Either you love it or you hate it. I actually belong to those who don't love it (but don't want to say I hate it...because I use it too, albeit reluctantly). I have a problem with its interface, I don't feel comfortable with the navigation scheme.

For someone who is technologically well-exposed, there are times I can't easily find simple tasks I wanted to do. But since most of my friends are on Facebook, I am somehow obliged to be in it as well for communication and networking purposes.

Sandbox Tomorrow?

And now, a new name is making a-buzz in the online community - Sandbox. It is actually funny to note that Sandbox has a right side-bar ad placement in Facebook a few weeks ago, come to think that it is comparable to services like facebook but with online store. Last week, the local television commercial (TVC) promoting Sandbox, together with print ads, were also released as a portal and social networking service by Smart, the Philippines' biggest mobile telecommunication company in terms of subscriber base.

Sandbox is an online portal where you could connect with other users, share photos, discuss in forums and other functions commonly found in social networking sites. It also has features that enable the registered user to download music and games for a fee, while some for free. Think of services like friendster but with online store and some more.

While it succeeds in the portal-like-interface complete with the "Tunes", "MovieMania", "Games", and "TV/Video" sections, it has a number of major navigational and functional issues within the social networking aspect embodied in the "My Groups" section. There's just so much of it and this article will not even dare cover them. Being in the software industry myself just makes me think if there even is a quality assurance team for the Mostyle platform where the technology was based. Moreover, a support system for new users should be readily visible in the site.

I would like to point out, however, areas of potential for Sandbox.

  1. Mobility - this is its strongest arm, like being able to upload photos to your web account in real-time. Being in mobile telecommunications industry, Smart should intensely leverage on the user's mobile experience by continuing to improve and seamlessly integrate the desktop browser functions to the phone's mobile browsers - An area where other social networks have not fully explored.
  2. Local Content - just like what they are doing now, it should continue to provide local content to maintain its edge over other international-based social networking sites and portals.
  3. New Services / Applications - Coming up with the usual functions the other social networks have will just make Sandbox 'like the rest'. Why not be a step ahead and come up with something fantastic to gain a good slice of the market share.

Future enhancements will include chat engines, video uploads and email integration, among others. The portal has a great potential of achieving its intention of having "all content and services you love on the web all in one place [Sandbox FAQ]," however, it has a lot of cleaning up to do in the social networking area - design and function-wise.
It would be interesting to watch how Sandbox will continue to evolve in time and carve its position in the myriad of portals and social networking sites we have today.

So will Sandbox be the social networking king of tomorrow? Time will tell, but certainly not today, at least not just yet.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Philippine Fashion Week 2009 Holiday Day 1

Six designers dominated the night at the first day of the Philippine Fashion Week 2009. Premier Collection A featured Angelo Estera, Jerome Salaya Ang, Joel Escober, Randall Solomon, Raoul Ramirez, and of course, Yako Reyes.

It was held at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City and started at 9:30pm. Function rooms 2 & 3 were filled to the brim with a lot more spectators in standing accommodation. Almost 2000 guests filled the venue.
The night was filled with good looking men and women walking pompously and strutting each designers' latest collections on the runway. Spotted celebrities included Heart Evangelista and Sarah Meiers.
Digital Manila would like to thank Mr. Yako Reyes for the ticket invites and Mr. Paul Pajo for the heads-up.
Joey A. Espino Jr. and Audie A. Espino were the show's executive producers while the former is also the director.

SMX Convention Center is located at Seashell Drive, Mall of Asia COmplex, Pasay City.

Check more of the Philippine Fashion Week 2009 Schedules.

Here are more photos of last night's show:

This year's Philippine Fashion Week 2009 is presented by Runway Productions, Cal Carries, Esac, Mode+L and in cooperation with BDO and SM Properties.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blue Water Day Spa uncovers Karylle, Akihiro & 4 New Treatments

Blue Water Day Spa unveiled tonight their newest endorsers Karylle and Akihiro Sato, a part Brazilian, part Japanese model.

Karylle and Akihiro’s entry into the Blue Water Spa family concides with the spa's introduction of four new services as well: the Athlete's Massage, Tibetan Meridian Fire Therapy, Comfort Zone Monticelli Mud Treatment, and Biovegetal Enzyme Skin Peeling.

The Athlete’s Massage is designed for sports-minded people as the name suggests. This involves a 10-minute application of hot moist packs for healing of pain and improving mobility.

The Tibetan Meridian Fire Therapy gets rid of fat deposits by fire and slimming massage procedures. While the Comfort Zone Monticelli Mud Treatment uses the specially formulated Monticelli Mud Wrap. It detoxifies and softens skin while removing keratinized skin cells from the body.

Lastly, the Biovegetal Enzyme Skin Peeling involves using organic products to restore the skin’s softness without the harsh effects of a chemical peel.

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Red Mobile now accessible in both 2G & 3G

The first time I heard of Red Mobile last year when it was launched, I detested the idea of having yet another mobile service provider added to our long list of wireless telco service companies. But then again, I guess more players mean better services, tighter competition and lower rates.

Now Available in 2G

And I was not mistaken. Just recently, Red Mobile expanded their 3G network coverage to include 2G as well. This means that even mobile phone users with 2G capable phones are now covered by the network. Moreover, this is equivalent to reaching 14 to 16 million more Filipino mobile phone subscribers nationwide since it is now available in 2G.

Competitive Rates

In terms of budget, Red Mobile offers the cheapest/lowest call rates with their Call Anywhere in the Philippines at only P0.50. Red to Red voice and video calls is only charged half a peso per minute while a single SMS and MMS costs likewise.

Value and Power

With almost 9000 cellsites nationwide, it gives good signal communication quality as powered by the same technology and telecommunication infrastructure of the leading telco network. So now, I guess it's time to test this Red Mobile sim on my old 2G phone. :)

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

TV5’s "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" Starts Today

Does the Slumdog Millionaire movie come to mind when you hear "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" Well, now you can enjoy the unrivaled international top-rating game show franchise every week as TV5 makes their Saturday 6pm primetime viewing more exciting with the launching of the - Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Hosted by the celebrity Vic Sotto, the show once again takes hold of Philippine TV starting today - May 23, 2009 with a 2 Million cash jackpot prize!

Based on the original British format, participants will compete for the "hot seat" to which the seven-digit jackpot begins. The contestant has to answer 15 multiple-choice questions correctly while the questions turn into higher levels of difficulty.

Interested contestants all over the Philippines will be given the chance to win millions by just simply typing in "MILLION (space) Name" to 2910 on their mobile phones as a start. An automated reply will be sent to the subscriber for the next steps.

On its pilot episode today, Who Wants to be a Millionaire? will have a star-studded premiere with celebrities Ara Mina, Polo Ravales, Assunta de Rossi, Rafael Rosel, Manilyn Reynes, Jay Manalo, Megan Young, Gladys Reyes, Nadia Montenego and Mo Twister—all vying to get on the "hot seat" and go face to face with "Bossing" Vic Sotto.

Find out who among these celebrities makes it and increase the “money tree” and go home a millionaire on TV5's pilot episode of Who Wants to be a Millionaire?.

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Friday, May 22, 2009

First Case of A(H1N1) - Swine Flu in the Philippines

Weeks after the A(H1N1) virus broke out and spread in at least 38 countries and 791 current cases worldwide, the Philippines remained free from any case of the influenza virus infection. That is, until yesterday.

Also known as the 'Swine Flu', the first case of A(H1N1) flu virus infection in the Philippines was confirmed yesterday by local authorities.

A 10-yr old child from a trip in the United States and Canada was confirmed to have suffered from fever and cough caused by the A(H1N1)-Swine flu virus. Although she is quarantined and better now, the girl still has some sore throat. The situation was managed and there

“is no community level outbreak,"
said Department of Health Secretary Francisco Duque III through a World Health Organization (WHO) teleconference.

Parents, relatives and those the child had a close contact with were given anti-viral drug, advised for quarantine, and are under observation by the authorities. The location of the child and relatives are currently undisclosed.

The public is advised not to panic since the situation is under control. However, precautionary safety measures are still encouraged like avoiding overly crowded places and proper personal hygiene to avoid the spread of A(H1N1) / Swine Flu virus.

* Other similar sources of the news:

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Idol Winner Kris Allen Emerges

Just a few minutes ago, Kris Allen was declared winner of American Idol 2009 - season 8. His performance in the finale with "Ain't No Sunshine" might have paved his victory to which America showed their approval.

Although Adam Lambert was the early favorite of the audience in general and attributed as the "chosen one", Kris got the votes of the viewing public. Judges, particularly Simon Cowell, who have openly expressed his confidence for Lambert, acknowledge that Kris indeed posed a challenge.

Although the result was a big upset to Lambert Fans, I would like to predict nonetheless, that both Adam Lambert and Kris Allen will rise into fame as they are both deserving; just like how American Idol is currently handling the two Davids; season 2 grand winner David Cook and runner up David Archuleta.

*Special thanks to Greenwich for the American Idol Finale Special Screening Live at Greenbelt 3, Cinema 3.
Congratulations to 2009 - season 8 American Idol Winner - Kris Allen!

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Erratum: Earlier Post on American Idol Winner

My apologies for the erroneous post half an hour ago about the winner for American Idol season 8. Let it be made clear that Kris Allen won the American Idol season 8.

The earlier post has been corrected.

See this post: American Idol Kris Allen Emerges

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

American Idol Winner to be Known!

After three months of performances and eliminations in American Idol season 8, the contenders are now down to the final two: Adam Lambert and Kris Allen.

I have to say that the first time I heard Adam Lambert sing "Mad World" way early in the competition, I already concluded that the "American Idol" for this season was found. The competition went on and Adam's performance proved me right as weeks went by.

However, in the middle of the engagement, Kris Allen's talent began to take notice and continued to improve gaining enormous admiration and praises as well. Indeed, Kris eventually became the 'dark horse' in the race with the ability to actually get the title of the "American Idol." To say honestly, I won't be disappointed even if Kris eventually wins.

In the recent final showdown of the glam rocker and the acoustic rocker, Adam sang again "Mad World" by Tears for Fears while Kris' was "Ain't No Sunshine" from a choice of their previous performances. Simon Cowell gave the first round to Kris Allen.

Adam & Kris - 1st Set

Nonetheless, round two definitely went to Adam Lambert "a million percent," exclaimed Simon Cowell. "With every fiber of my being, you will be iconic," added Paula Abdul.

Kris Allen - 2nd Set

Adam Lambert - 2nd Set

The third set was capped by each of their own songs. Season 4 American Idol winner Carrie Underwood closed the show with the farewell song "Home Sweet Home."

Adam - 3rd Set

Kris - 3rd Set

In the Philippines, the American idol season 8 finale came in time as the two previous season's American idol winner David Cook and runner up David Archuleta just had their concert here in the Philippines. The concert was a success with about 40,000 audience. David Archuleta even gave a thank you note for the Filipinos via a short personal video. David Archuleta has been active with his tweets as well. Check it out here.

Tomorrow, 8am (+8GST), my thanks goes out to Greenwhich who will be hosting an American Idol Viewing at Greenbelt 3 Cinema 3. Adam believers are encouraged to wear black while Kris' fans - white. We'll watch it live and witness who the grand American Idol winner will be.

*Videos sourced from

I'm ending this American Idol write up with Cowell's words for Adam Lambert saying:
" . . . a world-wide star; I believe we have found it." By the way. I'm wearing black tomorrow.

Update: Kris Allen Wins American Idol Season 8

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009, Philippines' Newest Online Marketplace

About two weeks ago, I first saw the booth as one of iBlog 5's sponsors. The domain name was catchy enough to elicit an inquiry. It turns out to be a new comer in the Philippines' online marketplace.

Ayos Dito” is a local term meaning "It's good here." The portal is a Filipino web site for buying and selling products and services online. I've used a couple of online classified ads site through the years selling some goods over the web so this was nothing new to me. I assumed it offered the usual free posting of ads and the likes.

Trying it out, however, revealed that is somehow different from its other counterparts. I immediately noticed its clean and simple interface. Being clutter-free, new users would find it easy to navigate through the whole site with its straight forward header links. Surprisingly, no registration is even required for buyers. The list of items is readily available after selecting a location link.
Having mentioned the location link brings me to its next interesting feature. It initially classifies its products by region from the home page; something different from other buy and sell portals here in the Philippines. Perhaps by primarily filtering the items by location, they emphasize the concept of "Dito", meaning "Here," in its name.

What better way to further evaluate this site but by actually using it. I became a 'seller' by posting a 2nd hand product for sale by inserting an ad of my laptop. As expected, the simple interface provided ease of use and fast loading time for the web pages.

But towards the end, I noticed that the image upload was limited to 1 primary image and 2 extra images. As a serious seller posting an ad, I wanted to show my laptop to potential buyers online in as many dimensions and angles as I can. I do hope that they would at least increase the number of images allowed for upload in the near future.
As closing reminders, online buyers should always shop safely by making sure to meet up with the sellers at a shop or a public place to avoid unwanted incidents. Be sure to check the authenticity of the item as well. One should also be discerning enough when an offer sounds too good to be true or when asked for your bank account or credit card numbers.

I'll continue to post more ads in the site for the next few days and let us see how "Ayos" (Good) it would be to experience

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Monday, May 18, 2009

1st Annual Dodgeball Tournament to Raise Funds

The First Annual Dodgeball Tournament organized by Playboy Philippines for the benefit of Gives Back Foundation will be held on May 30, 2009, Saturday, at Club 650 in Libis, Quezon City

The fund-raising activity aims to raise at least Php 200,000 for the chemotherapy treatment of nine (9) cancer patient kids at the Veterans Hospital in Quezon City.

The tournament will benefit the GivesBack Foundation, Inc., a non-governmental, non-profit organization that is devoted to the search for a better quality of life for the least fortunate and provide meaningful assistance to various marginalized members of society.

Registration for the Dodgeball Tournament is free!

Email DigitalManilaBlog(at)
Each team will have 10 members (mixed) and may come up with their own set of uniforms. Rules of the game will be given by the instructor during the event. Prizes and gifts await winners and participants! Come in sports attire and rubber shoes. You may wear sando/shirts and shorts.

There would be playmates, celebrities, media and other personalities joining. An after-party will also be held after the game.

Currently, there are already 3 teams - 1 team of celebrities, 1 team of media people and 1 team of bloggers. You could be part of the 4th team! Email DigitalManilaBlog(at) with your name, cellfone number/s, and email on or before May 23, 2009!
With an estimate of more than a hundred attendees, the 1st Annual Dodgeball Tournament will be a whole lot of fun starting 9am to 5pm!

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2009 Schedule Out

Thousands of spectators, more than a hundred designers, 30 shows, 9 days, and one big event. This year's Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2009 will be held on May 26 to June 3, 2009 at the grounds of SM Mall of Asia and SMX Convention Center.

UPDATE May 26: Day 1 Photos of Philippine Fashion Week

It would be participated by the top names in the Philippine Fashion industry including Frederick Peralta, Bang Pieda, Gerry Katigbak, Rene Salud, Arnold Galang, Lyle Ibanez, Anthony Nocom, and Sassa Jimenez.

Fashion and top retailer brands like Bench, Penshoppe, Kashieka, Human and Plains & Prints would also participate in the 9-day event.

The show is presented by Runway Productions, Cal Carries, Esac, Mode+L and in cooperation with BDO and SM Properties

Schedule of Shows:
May 26, 2009 Tuesday
SMX Convention Center, Function Room 2 & 3


7:30PM The Collection of MARLON RIVERA


May 27, 2009 Wednesday
SMX Convention Center, Function Room 2 & 3


7:30PM The Collection of SHANON PAMAONG


May 28, 2009 Thursday
SMX Convention Center, Function Room 2 & 3


6:30PM Barbie (at the MAIN ATRIUM, Mall of Asia)

7:30PM The Collection of RONALDO ARNALDO


May 29, 2009 Friday
SMX Convention Center, Function Room 2 & 3


6:30PM JAG
(at the MAIN ATRIUM, Mall of Asia)

7:30PM The Collection of REENE SALUD


May 30, 2009 Saturday
SMX Convention Center, Function Room 2 & 3

2:30PM The Collection of ROBIN TOMAS

4:00PM The Collection of ARNOLD GALANG
(at the SMX Convention Center, Function Room 1)

5:30PM The Collection of MICHELLE LIM

(at the MAIN ATRIUM, Mall of Asia)

7:30PM The Collection of GERRY KATIGBAK
(at the SMX Convention Center, Function Room 1)

9:30PM The Collection of M BARRETTO

May 31, 2009 Sunday
SMX Convention Center, Function Room 2 & 3

1:00PM The Collection of JEFFREY ROGADOR
(at the SMX Convention Center, Function Room 1)


4:00PM The Collection of JORGE PALMOS
(at the SMX Convention Center, Function Room 1)

5:30PM The Collection of SASSA JIMENEZ

6:30PM bench/ , HUMAN , Kashieca
(at the SMX Convention Center, Hall 3)

7:30PM The Collection of LYLE IBAÑEZ
(at the SMX Convention Center, Function Room 1)

9:30PM The Collection of MICHAEL CINCO

June 01, 2009 Monday
MAIN ATRIUM, Mall of Asia



June 02, 2009 Tuesday
MAIN ATRIUM, Mall of Asia



June 03, 2009 Wednesday
MAIN ATRIUM, Mall of Asia


The Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2009 Schedule indicated in this website may change without prior notice.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Adult Flu Vaccination at Mercury Drug Today

With the onset of the early rainy season and change of weather, flu season is also in the horizon. Today, Adult Flu Vaccination will be available at a number of Mercury Drug branches at Metro Manila, Luzon and VisMin.

Participating branches include, but is not limited to, Fairview Commonwealth, Quezon Ave - Sct. Borromeo, Marikina Shoe Ave., Harrison Plaza Malate, Greenhills Shopesville, Sta Rosa -Balibago, Tarlac San Roque and Davao Bajada.
Click on image to enlarge or check Mercury Drug website HERE. For further inquiry, you may call (632)911-5071 local 278 or 287 FAX: (632)911-6673 ; e-mail:

A flu shot may cost Php695(unverified). Get your flu vaccinations now at these Mercury Drug branches to avoid flu complications.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

SM Hypermart Mandaluyong Opens

SM Hypermart Mandaluyong opened yesterday, May 14, 2009, near Kalentong-Shaw Boulevard across Jose Rizal University (JRU).

Located along the busy corner of E.Magalona and Shaw Boulevard, the two-floor building houses the Hypermarket on the whole of second floor.

The opening started with a mass at 3pm followed by a short program at 4pm.

And of course, festivities will not be complete without eating. This started at the same time as the programs. Henry Sy himself were among the crowd and some celebrities as well like Marian Rivera, Jodie Sta. Maria, and Kim Chiu.

Many grocery items were on a buy-one-take-one promo and many grocers took advantage of that opportunity. But hey, you can still take part of it as the promo is ongoing until the end of the month.
Aside from the hypermarket, a foodcourt area is also available and Quantum arcade games for kids.

Before I end this article, I wold also like to share with you a picture of the limousine-type of grocery cart. :)
Moreover, SM's newest packaging for the SM Bonus water was also an interesting find.

I think they made this economical by eliminating the need for bottle caps. It's also very handy and looks like a water bomb for games.

A more playful mind may compare it to silicon implants. :)

And of course, a handy map for your reference.

If you are taking the public transportation, you may easily drop yourself from the MRT-Shaw Boulevard Station then take the "JRU" jeepney ride at the side terminal of Star Mall.
A number of different mall-type shops are located on the first floor of SM Hypermart Mandaluyong as well.

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Friday, May 8, 2009

Expo Mom on Mother's Day

This Mother's Day, Rockwell hosts once again the Expo Mom - A Day in the Life of a Mom this May 9 & 10, 2009 at the Rockwell Tent.

It's a day of program and activities for moms and their kids. There would be interactive exhibits, business related exhibitions, talks, and a special sale from retailers. A minimal entrance fee of P25 would be collected.

The program is as follows:

10:00 am- EXPO MOM OPENS
1:30 pm- Sponsor’s Talk: Glaxo Smithkline
2:00 pm- Kindermusik for Toddlers & Kids by Teacher Jeannie Castillo
2:30 pm-Happy Belly Health & Fitness by Rome Kanapi
3:00 pm- Sponsor’s Talk: Baby Ready with J&J
3:30 pm- Attachment Parenting & Baby Wearing by Jen Tan
4:00 pm- Yoga Kids by Michelle Aventajado
4:30 pm- Musical Number by My Masterpiece Multi-Arts school
5:30 pm- Onstage Games
6:00 pm- Mom Massage Demo by Vier Tahonera
Raffle Draw
8:00 pm CLOSING

10:00 am- EXPO MOM DAY 2 OPENS
10:30 am- Musical Number by My Masterpiece Multi-arts School
11:30 am Onstage Games
12:30 pm Gymboree Portion
1:30 pm Healthy Meals by Dona Elena Olive Oil
2:00 pm Belly Dancing for Expectant Moms by Dr. Faye Cagayan
Onstage Games
2:30 pm Your Baby Can Read! Talk
3:00 pm Baby Sign Language by Jaymie Pizarro
3:30 pm A Mom’s Life Talk Show (tentative)
4:30 pm Mommy Fashion by Contour Fashion
5:00 pm Expo Mom Get Together Live Acoustic music by Paolo Santos
Raffle Draw
8:00 pm Closing

*Schedules may change without prior notice

For more information,
Call 713.8144 and 7809898

** There would also be a Baker's Dozen Fair all weekends of May 2009 and "Mom & Me" Activities on May 23 & 24 at the Powerplant Mall

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