Saturday, October 31, 2009

Typhoon Santi Hits Manila as Oct 31 Strikes

Typhoon Santi just landed in Philippine soil an hour before the morning of Oct 31 according to Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) placing Metro Manila and 16 provinces under storm signal no.3.

The fourth and last typhoon for the month of October, typhoon Santi is at 30 kilometers north of Daet, Camarines Norte with maximum sustained winds of 150 kilometers per hour (kph) near the center and gustiness of up to 185 kph. It is moving west southwest at 20 kph.

Aside from typhoon Santi's wind power, it's rainfall density already reminds us of the recent wrath from typhoon Ondoy. It is then just proper that we should be prepared agin in our homes together with our family. As earlier said, we should be prepared with emergency food and measures fit for responding to such calamities.
Let us hope that typhoon Santi would not be as strong as expcted and that it wold leave the country soon.

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Costumes Are in Season Again!

Searching for Halloween Costumes? Since it's halloween season again, it means time for Halloween parties, and the search for the best halloween costumes are at it again.

Some would go the scary horror-themed halloween costumes like the one above.

The other wold look for halloween costumes for babies, toddlers, kids, or children haloween costumes like the ones below:

*Images are in thumbnail as they are sourced from Google web images

Other would go for cartoon themed Haloween costumes like that from Marvel comics. Which halloween costumes are you thinking about?

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Explosions in Katipunan and Ortigas Pasig

First was an explosion in Katipunan Avenue then followed by another from Meralco Avenue in Ortigas, Pasig. It both happened this morning about 2am, October 30, 2009.

The explosion in Katipunan specifically happened at One Burgundy Plaza in front of Ateneo de Manila University. One Burgundy is one of many residential condominiums in the area.

It was said that a man was seen leaving a bag at the back of a parked Honda Civic reportedly owned by Allan Valencia. The red car has plate number WFY 927.

The building security guard noted that when he saw the bag and tried to check it out, some smoke was going out of it so he went away afterwhich the bag exploded after sometime.

The explosion was so strong shattering some glass windows upto the third floor but no one was hurt.

The Quezon City Police District (QCPD) Bomb Squad are currently investigating the incident according to a report.

In Quezon City, the second explosion was located at Unionbank Plaza in Meralco Avenue, Pasig. Eastern Police District (EPD) said that the explosion was caused by a pillbox which was responsible for minor damages only.

The details of this report is based on DZMM report and ABS-CBN news website.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Heartwarming AstroBoy Movie

Basically a cartoon movie with a heart, AstroBoy touches the human heart with the concept of self-sacrifice for the another's betterment.

Programmed with the memory and emotions of a real child, AstroBoy was in search of his destiny after being made to realize that he was not a real boy. His experiences later on made him a stronger, more resolute 'person,' emotionally and otherwise.
The movie illustrated a number of life lessons from social acceptance to belongingness and father-child quality time, among others. The CGI showcase of the movie is at par with other latest movies with a slight inclination towards darker hues.

Thank you to TV5 for the movie invites.

AstroBoy Movie Trailer:

Don't expect an truly awesome move or something similar that you want to watch all over again but it's a nice movie for children and the whole family. AstroBoy fans wouldn't be disappointed as well.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mar Roxas - Korina Sanchez Wedding Today

Senator Mar Roxas and famous broadcaster Korina Sanchez tied the knot earlier this afternoon at Sto. Domingo Church in Quezon City.

Considered to be the wedding of the year, the nuptials has been planned long and in detail. Last minute updates even included waiving the reception celebration in favor of Typhoon Ondoy victims where the couple donated the P3 Million peso amount supposedly for their wedding reception.

We are sharing the two pictures here from the media office of Sen. Mar Roxas:

Senator Mar Roxas has declared his interest in running for the Vice-President position in the upcoming Philippine Elections in 2010.

Korina Sanchez is on leave from her regular broadcasting related work for a while now in preparation for this momentous tying of knot. Mar Roxas is aged 52 while Korina Sanches is

He dropped his initial disposition of running for the presidency after giving way to now presidential running-mate Benigno "Noynoy" Aqunio III.

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Me & My Mobile Internet

Having three jobs that require you to be in different locations most of the time poses the ultimate challenge in being mobile.

I teach information technology courses in a college in Manila, I do part-time professional blogging, and I maintain a small business on web development catering to small and medium enterprises.

I reside in Makati while teaching in Quezon City. Aside from using my mobile internet in school, I use it as well in between the longtrips via Light Rail Transit(LRT) or Metro Rail Transit (MRT) where I frequently go online on my laptop. Yes, it's pretty safe inside the train systems; just don't do the same on public jeepneys. And I can only do that with my mobile internet-powered usb modem. One such provider in the Philippines is Globe Tattoo Broadband. Simply plug-in the USB stick and you can connect to the internet anywhere, anytime.

Part of the blogging arena nowadays are blogger events. Hosted by advocacy groups, public organizations or private companies, event locations could vary and spread from SM City mall up north down to Enchanted Kingdom in the south. And we're not yet even talking about the Visayas Philippine Blog Awards in Cebu and the Blogging Summit in Mindanao held recently.
Being a blogger who needs to be consistently online, going to these new places can sometimes give you a hard time looking for internet cafes to access the Web. So a handy mobile internet is really a blogger's best friend. Coming in different designs, you could even brag about Globe Tattoo Broadband New Skins with fellow bloggers or try to customize it with your own design by submitting to Globe Tattoo Broadband Gallery.

Fellow blogger Flowell even discussed the details of access charges for "timed use" or "per KB":

...Per KB connection caters to those who just update blog, check emails, read specific updates that will not require much time on the cybreworld. Per KB charging cost only 15 cents per KB that you consumed in surfing the net, to activate this service just text Bytes to 1111. While per TIME connection lets you surf the internet for 5 pesos per 15 minute surfing, it gives you additional time to stay in the cyberworld after checking emails or done updating your blog, to activate this option just text TIME to 1111, but for new users TIME based is default configuration. To check the status of your internet connection text STATUS to 1111.
Thank you indeed to portable usb modem internet services like Globe Tattoo Broadband which help mobile people like me. Globe Tatoo Broadband is powered by Globe Tattoo Prepaid Sim which you can also use for call and text/SMS.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Holidays November 1, 2, 27, 28 & 30 - Updated

The next month of November 2009 is filled with two long weekends of holidays on Novemebr 1 & 2, and November 27 & 28, 30. [Nov 27 & 28 are only applicable to Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) according to Malacanang through this article]

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has declared Nov 1 and 2 as special non-working holidays for the All Saint's Day and All Soul's Day.

November 27 and 28 are for Eid'l Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) while Nov 30 is a regilar non-working holiday - Bonifacio Day.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

PLDT DSL Watchpad Launched

The usual family home setup is a television set for watching television shows and a desktop personal computer for computer and internet use.

But with the newly launched PLDT myDSL Watchpad, they have infused television watching habits into the PC or laptop through the internet.

Just like internet TV, they call it the Watch Pad - the nation’s first Broadband Entertainment Portal.

Check out more details about it on

Current available channels include MTV, CNN, CNBC, National Geographic, E! Entertainment, Cartoon Network, Animax, GMA, and more

Here are some photos from the recent launch last week at Cafe at Bonifacio High Street:

More photos of the launch of PLDT DSL Watchpad here.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Renewable Energy: Sinag Harnesses the Power of the Sun

As climate change become more of a reality than a warning, we reap the consequences as well.

The two recent typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng hit the country hard and took it by surprise, not without repercussions. During such occasions, the use of clean and renewable energy becomes more relevant as a long term solution to lighten the load off our environment and the ecosystem within.

One such technology that can be found within our locality is that of Sinag. Sinag is the

first Filipino solar-powered car to enter the World Solar Challenge in Australia..
It was held two years ago October 21 to 28, 2007. Surprisingly, it was developed and built by students and faculty members from De La Salle University in Manila.
Sinag caught my attention last week at Bonifacio High Street at The Fort where I saw it as part of an open-air green-themed exhibition.
“SINAG weathered the course far beyond any of our expectations. It’s positive proof of not only the car’s solid design and construction, but also our own capability to successfully deploy solar power technology in the Philippines,” says Engr. Fernandez.
as quoted from homepage

Albeit still being developed continuously, it is a step. A step towards a better technology that aids the preservation of our natural surroundings. A step towards renewable energy for a sustainable tomorrow, and step towards the global effort of preparing for the climate change that is already occuring.
This is my post for the Blog Action Day - Filipino bloggers speaking as one on climate change!

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Project Rebuild for Rain & Flood-Damaged Canon Products

Canon Project Rebuild for rain & flood-damaged Canon products offers a 50% discount on labor fees and 25% discount on parts for all water-damaged Canon gadgets and machines.

This is the Canon's response ot the recent typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng.

So, was your Canon gadget ravaged by the rains?
Promo is only until October 31, 2009 and does not include Selphy Compact Photo Printers.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Typhoon That Will Never Be Forgotten

It was the morning of September 26, I woke up and it was still raining.

I remembered that I slept raining the night before and the rain hasn't stopped since then. It has become a super typhoon, and they called it Ondoy.

Living in the low lying residential areas of Makati City, I know it's already flooded in our streets even without taking a look by the window. It was just a question of how high will the flood be, knee-high or waist-high?

I wasn't really scared since I live on the fourth floor of a small condominium. I was more worried that there might be a blackout. I knew I will be stranded at home since flood water levels are approaching the waist. I immediately filled up water containers since the condo's water supply is electric pump-powered.

After which, I logged online. As a blogger and a very online person, I was immediately swamped with typhoon signal news and information of flooded areas around Metro Manila.

It was immediately prevalent that Marikina, Pasig and the Antipolo areas surrounding Marikina River were the worst hit by the flood. And unfortunately, the flood water levels were continuing to rise.

Past lunch, the rain still hasn't stopped. By this time, news and messages from friends started to come and that the flood waters were getting into their homes already.

At the same time, a number of helpline numbers, websites and rescue databases were started through social networking sites, news feeds, and the television media such as the Sagip Kapamilya.

Cheryl Cosim originally uploaded by LopezLink

Being stuck at home myself, the only way I was able to assist those needing help was by monitoring the situation online and posting it on the 'need of rescue' databases hoping that the military and government rescue efforts would be able to reach them in time.

To make the story short, by evening, a lot of families residing in the aforementioned areas and some parts of Quezon City has their first floor flooded by about eight feet high and they were stranded on the second floor, worse, on the roof of their bungalow homes.

One particular friend whose anonymity I have to maintain even sent me this text message as they were worried that the waters will reach the second floor where they were staying. To make the matter worse, they had children and babies with them and they were all hungry.

Fortunately, the downpour started to slowdown by midnight. Flood waters started to recede and my friend's family were able to go down the ground floor in the morning. Sadly though, government rescue teams were not able to reach their place and they survived on their own.

The disaster does not end there as all their properties on the first floor were destroyed and they still have nothing to eat that morning.

It is during these times when relief efforts are most needed by the victims and survivors. There were a lot of helping hands and donation drives started by kindhearted groups and organizations who reached out to our disaster-stricken brothers. There were also efforts from the online community like TXTPower who was able to start an online donation drive and that of the Facebook page of LopezLink.

There were also online forum discussions which caught my attention on the topic of "celebrities in Sagip Kapamilya rescue operations". I think this is actually helpful in gathering needed funds since these celebrities has a following. Moreover, perhaps their fans would be more encouraged to donate. I think it is also their chance to serve as a good role model in real life and more than just acting.

I would also like to share a photo of my relative's house in Masambong, Quezon City. Thay also had an 8ft flood in the first floor in their house. They are actually on a much elevated ground which means the waters have reached the second floors of the neighbors.
It was really a horrible and traumatic experience for the people in the affected areas. The government should have a long-term solution for this flooding problem especially since we are expecting more typhoons to come.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore Experience!

Singapore is close to my heart because my first international trip was when I went to Singapore for a vacation. I went there on a very conspicuous date of August 08, 2008 (08-08-08). It was also my birthday.

And there I experience the rich blend in culture characterized by the mixture of multi-racial communities mainly comprised by Chinese, Malays, Indians, and Eurasians. The people has respect with each other and live peacefully together.

Their cuisines,arts, and architecture reflect their harmony of tastes and style.
But once is truly not enough, I dearly hope to be back there once again and I hope it would be through this event by Nuffnang to enjoy our stay with fellow bloggers.
And if given this precious opportunity, I would be going places and trying more of the Singaporean food with the following itinerary:
I would wake up very early and go to Sentosa island through the cable car. I want it really early so I could ride tour most of the island and try out a number of rides. I plan to finish the Sentosa trip until lunch time.

For lunch time, I heard that Kopitiam would be a great way to experience more of Singaporean food where numerous hawker stands serve a lot of both local and foreign cuisines.

Right after lunch in the afternoon, I would immediately start the city tour and meet the Merlion! The Merlion is an internationally famous Singaporean symbol. When you see it, you know they are pertaining to Singapore.
This would be followed by nearby Esplanade. A spectactacularly architectured theater by the bay. And of course, I wouldn't miss the National Museum of Singapore as well.
The mid-afternoon is another good time to relax and try more of Singapore's good food! Specific dishes that come into mind would be Hainanese Chicken Rice and Satay with the peanut sauce!
If you want to try something whose name sounds interesting, try Roti Prata. I want to try this crispy Indian pancake with chicken curry because I missed this in my last visit. Then partner it with the Teh Tarik drink (milk tea).

And finally for the afternoon snack would be Char Kway Teow. Filipinos love fried noodles back home. So this Singaporean style white noodles friend with dark sweet sauce, bean sprouts, and sausage is surely something I don't want to miss.

Now that we are energized, visiting Singapore is never complete without shopping. Therefore, I am alloting the late afternoon for some quick shopping in Marina Bay and Geylang Serai. I love the affordable prices of electronic gadgets in Singapore so this is mainly what I'm after - a cool new handy digital camera.
Next, just before the sun go down, I would head to Night Safari, just like what I did last year. After the Night Safari and the entertainment show, I can be back at the city in time for a good dinner.

Food again! And the food I perfect for tonight would be Shrimp Laksa. This dish is a definite must try. I would pair it with Bak Kut Teh, Fish Head Curry and the ultimate Chili Crab! That would certainly give me an awesome dinner. And a finale desert could be a fried carrot cake which is a combination of rice flour and radish. Yumyum!
I would end my itinerary with the active night life by Boat Quay characterized by the best spots in Singaporean alfresco dining.
And this is only day-1! Surely, I would need more days to visit more of Singapore! I haven't been to Jurong Park, Chijmes, Lau Pa Sat and the Botanical Gardens. I would also like to ride the cruise on Star Virgo.

Uniquely Singapore Indeed!

Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience!

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Screening of BATTLE FOR TERRA. in SM Digital Movies

The Battle for Terra movie will premiere soon in red carpet fashion at the SM North EDSA 3D Digital Theater. The movie premiere happens on October 19, 2009 6pm.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

ASUS Reaches Out to Ondoy Flood Victims

Asus is extending a special service to victims of the recent flood caused by typhoon Ondoy. As a global computer manufacturer, they are now giving customers whose ASUS products got damaged due to the floods the special offer to bring their units to Asus service centers to get free diagnosis and labor from now until October 31.

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Unlimited Internet with Sun Broadband Wireless

In today's world of mobile communications and cellular phone, unlimited only means one thin; and Sun Cellular immediately comes into mind.You associate it with words unlimited and value for money.

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Double Take at The Lopez Museum

The Lopez Memorial Museum presents Double Take, an ongoing exhibition of its permanent collection of paintings  by 19th century painters Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo and Juna Luna. The paintings are showcased in the context of the Spanish colonial period.

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Support Sago in PBA Blogger's Choice 2009

This simple blogpost serves to complete the Philipine Blog Awards Blogger's Choice category requirement to create a blogpost to express a vote for a particular Blogger's Choice.- Let's Go Sago.

After creating a post, this form should be filled up taking note of the URL of this post (above).

We only have until Oct 7 to do this so please hurry. :)

It's that simple! Please support Let's Go Sago! (

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Pinoy Big Brother Double Up - 1 Day To Go!

The long wait will finally be over, “Pinoy Big Brother Double Upwill start airing this Sunday, October 4, live at 7:30pm on ABS-CBN!

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

“Its Krrunch Time, Get Playful”

Being a blogger and facing the computer for the whole day could be a monotonic painstaking chore for my eyes and lower back. So from time to time, I take small breaks in the morning and afternoon to stretch.

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

ASUS Introduces Xtreme Design Hybrid Motherboards

Asus launched recently the ASUS P7P55D Series motherboards in the Philippines featuring Intel® P55 Express chipset. The P7P55 Series is based on "Xtreme Design" to optimize overall system performance and hardware reliability. It also includes the latest Hybrid Technology to give users intelligent performance enhancement, active cooling, and rapid online access.

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