Thursday, January 12, 2012

Smart ‘Bill Shock’ To Be Avoided with New Charge Cap

Say goodbye to shocking bills as Smart puts an end to unexpected mobile Internet charges as it introduces its new anti-bill shock feature.

Starting today, Smart Data Lite Plans 500, 800 and 1,000 and iPhone Plans 999 and 2499 will enjoy the worry-free data charge cap without the need to enrol or sign up for a separate package.

Unlike in the past, where charges continue to pile up because of unknown or unintentional use of data connectivity (e.g. via automatic app updates, location-based services, etc.) the new feature automatically kicks in to prevent overcharging.

For example, iPhone Plan 999 subscribers are allocated a total of 250MB* (*Data limits vary per plan) of data every month. Once the data allocation has been consumed, the regular charge of P10 for every 30 minutes of mobile Internet use will be billed above the monthly service fee (MSF).

Regular data charging will continue until accumulated Internet charges reach P1,200—at which point, the plan will work like an unlimited data connection until the next billing cycle.

“Not everyone is able to keep track of their data usage, which is why Smart subscribers need not register to the new anti-bill shock feature,” said Smart Mobile Marketing Head Guido Zaballero.

Future Developments

Last year, Smart has reported that it has detected a six-fold increase in mobile broadband use in its network.

To date, network elements such as fiber optic cables, wireless base stations, and international gateways have been modernized under the P67.1 billion endeavor.

“We have recorded a tremendous increase in data consumption as evidenced by the spikes in usage,” said Smart Chief Wireless Advisor Orlando B. Vea. “If there are still doubts about where the industry is headed, this should put an end to all speculation,” he added.

For more information on Smart’s postpaid plans log on to or visit the Smart Wireless Center nearest you.

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