Monday, October 29, 2012

Rain Creative (Philippines) Wins BlackBerry JamHack 2012

Blackberry Jamhack 2012
Blackberry Jamhack 2012
Opened to the public, BlackBerry JamHack 2012 in the Philippines kicked off recently at the Alphaland Southgate Mall in Makati and saw the participation of twenty eight teams.

BlackBerry JamHack 2012 in the Philippines closed its doors after 40 furious hours, and marked its place in history as BlackBerry’s first simultaneous regional hackathon. The winner will be representing the country during BlackBerry Jam Asia in Bangkok.

Comprising of professional developers, student teams, and BlackBerry enthusiasts, the teams were given 40 hours to conceptualize and build a working application for the BlackBerry 10 platform using frameworks such as the BlackBerry 10 Adobe AIR SDK, BlackBerry 10 Native SDK or BlackBerry 10 WebWorks SDK.

When it came to pitching, the team of developers from Rain Creative wowed the crowd with the rich fantasy world of their winning application called the Realm of Elysium.

Built with HTML5 and Webworks, the Realm of Elysium is a multi-player strategy guessing game that takes its root from the classic board game Battleship.  Battleship is a turn-based game where two players guess the opposing "ship" by identifying its coordinates or position.  Each player has to keep track of each turn by marking it on the board, and the first player who destroys and identifies all the position of its opposing ship wins.
We thought that turning the game into its digital counterpart would be cool,” said John Paul de Guzman, team lead of Rain Creative.  “But to add more twist and originality, we decided to go with the fantasy concept.
Aside from John Paul, Rain Creative Lab also includes art director Joshua Falco, Mark Florendo for front end development, and junior graphic designer and illustrator Rafael Tuano. 
While this is their first time to try developing for BlackBerry, the experience was something they found easy and accessible.  “Because of BlackBerry 10's HTML5 support, we were able to port our existing skills in web development and design without any problem. We didn't have to relearn new things aside from making sure the design looks good on the device and it works. But as for support and language capability, we took our knowledge and just reapplied it,” John Paul added. 
Rain Creative walked away with an all-expense paid trip to BlackBerry Jam Asia in Bangkok on November 29-30, where they will be pitting against nine other teams from the region for the title of Asia Pacific champion.

As early as now, the team already has grand plans to refine the app and take the Realm of Elysium further even after BlackBerry JamHack 2012.

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