Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dell Honors Top Employees

Dell Philippines Employees
Dell Philippines Employees
Careers in the Philippine IT industry can be challenging when loyalty is subject topic. It can therefore be surprising when employees spend long careers with their respective companies.

In Dell, for example, most of its employees continue to serve beyond five years; a time frame where many would pick up their resumes to seek higher positions and/or pay. Thus, in recognition for years served and the accompanying loyalty it took, Dell recently honored its top performers during a year-end event at the Townhall.

Dell builds its business based on the purpose it was founded – Delivering technology solutions that enable people everywhere to grow and thrive.

Dell’s people strategy is clear on how each one will succeed – developing inspiring leaders, championing team members to take risk, feel supported and valued, and have a listening and sharing environment for employees to shape the directions of the company and to be the Employer of Choice; a compelling destination for employees to thrive, achieve their career aspirations and have fun.

All of the foregoing, together with merit-based recognition, bestowed upon those whose outputs excel in their respective departments, regardless of race and creed.
We believe that in order to be a successful company and a great place to work, our business must be driven by individuals with similarities and differences... we’re committed to building a diverse environment that is reflective of a diverse global marketplace and an inclusive culture in which everyone is engaged. One of our leadership competencies is to ensure that each team member is heard and valued, and that personal strengths and perspectives are assets to the company, rather than being left at the door,” said Richard Teo, Country Leader for Dell Philippines.
Mr. Richard Teo, Dell Philippines President
Mr. Richard Teo, Dell Philippines President
Dell presented service awards to 180 employees with 5 years tenure from Consumer Small Medium Business (CSMB) and Services BPO.  Dell prides itself in being an Employer of Choice and celebrated the recognition of these team members’ loyalty and tenure with the company.

Also present at the event to hand the awards are Ms. Donna Grande, HR Director and Mr. Ramon Villacorta, Portfolio Director.

Dell also showed its appreciation for its top performers with Employee of the Year and Manager of the Year awards.  A total of 12 employees and 12 managers were recognized from the various business units.  The top awards were given to Lora Lee Lopez and Maria Grace Capco as Manager of the Year for CSMB and Services, respectively, and to Carlo Garcia, Sr. Compensation and Benefits Manager, as Back-Office Support Employee of the Year.
Dell Philippines Top Employees
Dell Philippines Top Employees
Know more about Dell by visiting www.dell.com and www.dell.com/conversations.

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