Wednesday, October 23, 2013

4 Reasons Why Samsung Q9000 Floor-Standing Air Conditioner Is A Cool Catch

Samsung Q9000
Samsung Q9000
Samsung Philippines today announced the launch of the Samsung Q9000 floor-standing air conditioner. With a unique airflow design with three powerful jet engine-type fans for faster cooling performance it's more than just your ordinary air-conditioner.

The Samsung Q9000 Floor-standing air conditioner has three powerful front-facing fans that can be operated independently or together, distributing cool air in spirals to deliver optimized cooling throughout any room no matter the season. It resembles an upscale home theater speaker system designed to complement the interior of even the most luxurious room. Also, it features the latest air purifying technology including Virus Doctor which deactivates 99% of harmful airborne contaminants and viruses.

Samsung’s flagship Q9000 combines the latest technology and design innovations to provide consumers with a premium air cooling system that efficiently regulates temperature and purifies the air for all seasons,” said CL Lee, SEPCO President and Managing Director.
Inspired by the Aviation Industry – Jet Engine Technology

Building on a key research insight that showed customers’ desire for powerful and comfortable cooling performance, the Q9000 introduces a Turbo Jet Cooling feature inspired by the jet engine mechanism used in an aircraft.

Aerodynamically shaped blades embedded inside the three circular front-facing fans create a whirlwind airflow able to cool quickly and efficiently. All three fans can be used for optimum cooling or just a single fan can be selected for a comfortable sleeping environment. Each fan can also be controlled individually allowing users to easily adjust the temperature as required.
Samsung Q9000 Air Conditioner
Samsung Q9000 Air Conditioner
Energy Saving
Energy Saving
Energy Saving – Smart Inverter

The Smart Inverter Compressor reduces energy usage by up to 50 percent compared to conventional models. The Q9000 is able to maintain a consistent temperature without constantly shutting the compressor on and off, which significantly reduces energy consumption. Further energy savings can also be gained by controlling the individual fans through seven different airflow modes.

Fresh and Clean Indoor Air

Improving indoor air quality was also a priority during the development of the Q9000. This model is equipped with an advanced air care system to aid consumers’ respiratory health by combining Zero Filter and Virus Doctor.

Derived from a magnetic mechanism, Zero Filter is an effective barrier that electrifies dust particles unlike conventional models that only offer only a simple net to filter the air. The filter is also easily washable for added convenience to consumers.

Samsung’s innovative Virus Doctor also deactivates germs and viruses in the air. This advanced air purifying technology neutralizes 99% of harmful contaminants and viruses, including bacteria that resist physical filtration, thus improving overall air quality.

Your Lifestyle Upgraded with Design

The stylish silhouette design of the Q9000 was inspired by products not normally associated with air conditioners. The overall design resembles upscale home theater speakers while the circular fan design, inspired by LP record players, spin smoothly and release a gentle light that help the user visualize the cool airflow. For an added air of sophistication, the air conditioner features an ice blue light effect and Crystal Gloss Finish that elevate the unit’s aesthetic qualities.
Virus Doctor
Virus Doctor
Drawing upon Samsung design expertise, the Q9000 has a compact body, with its base measuring only 360mm in length and 269mm in breadth, which helps make your home more space efficient.

The Samsung Q9000 floor-standing air conditioner will be launched next month - November - and will be available at authorized Samsung dealers in the Philippines.

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