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The Big Screen Legacy of Samsung

Samsung Unpacked 2014
Samsung Unpacked 2014
From smartphones to televisions, it's the big screens which gives the "ooohs" and the "aahhs". 5-inch smartphone screens such as those from Samsung has also become the norm nowadays without being labelled as 'weird'.

With this growing demand for a larger display, It is no longer unusual for people to be carrying one large device that functions as a phone, gaming device, camera and laptop all at the same time. Does the Samsung Galaxy Note series come into mind?

As early as 2007, mobile devices with screens as large as 3.7-inches began to make their appearance however, the market did not respond as well to such large screens that offer nothing different from regular sized mobile phones. Coupled with the emergence of the tablet, which integrated the practical functions of a computer and the fun of gaming devices to a 7-inch screen, having a big screen mobile phone was just not appealing.
Then came the smartphone, a device that integrated functions from various devices into one compact mobile device with a sophisticated operating system. With the smartphone, mobile phone manufacturers slowly began introducing larger screens into their product lineup and by 2010, Samsung introduced the 4-inch Samsung Galaxy S, which ran on the Android operating system, setting the benchmark for the smartphone industry for years to come.
Samsung Galaxy Note
Samsung Galaxy Note
S Pen
The S Pen
The Samsung Galaxy Note

In 2011, Samsung released the Samsung Galaxy Note, a new kind of mobile device that raised the bar for the manufacturers. More than just a having a big screen, the Samsung Galaxy Note is the first mobile device that consolidated the benefits of multiple devices while maintaining the portability of the smartphone.

The Samsung Note was developed based on key insights on the smartphone market which most competitors missed. Their research showed that while consumers, who were always on the go, carried multiple devices for different functions, they still carried around a note pad and pen. Samsung realized that the market showcased an emerging desire for a device that consolidated the functions of different devices as well as recreate the simplicity of using pen and paper.
The Samsung Galaxy Note featured a large 5.3-inch screen, faster hardware, better display and smartly optimized software, introducing the market to a whole new smartphone category – the “Phablet”. The Note’s most distinguishing feature, which made it stand out among its other big screen competitors, was the introduction of the Samsung S Pen.

With the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Note, a new era in smart phones has begun. Year after year, Samsung has committed to pushing themselves out of their comfort zone – to continue to bring meaningful innovation to everyone all around the globe. Being the pioneers in this segment, Samsung has developed its S-Pen from being just a simple stylus to a high-capacity device. From a smart pen used to make notes, it has evolved to become a tool that allows you to do more. With the S-Pen, one can simply draw multiple windows and launch different apps which one can use simultaneouosly, all on one screen. It provides various shortcuts to do different activities, all with one’s own hand writing. Truly, the S-Pen has evolved.
Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Samsung Galaxy Note 4?
Check out this Youtube video teaser at for something coming soon! Watch out as Samsung continues to prove their leadership in innovation as they unveil their latest offering to the market on September 3 at the Samsung Unpacked 2014 Episode 2 event. Stay tuned with Digital Manila and for updates on the new Samsung Galaxy Note development!

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