Tuesday, June 27, 2017

MLQU Facebook Video Goes Viral

Have you seen the Pizza Hut video which went viral getting 100,000 views in two days? Well, the Manuel L. Quezon University - MLQU Facebook video about their  Top 8 Civil Engineer Board Passer receiving 1 Million Pesos from the school also went viral in 2 days!

MLQU Viral Facebook Video
MLQU Viral Facebook Video
If Pizza Hut did it via Youtube, MLQU had theirs as a native Facebook video through Facebook Live stream!

Celebrated in an event held at the Victoria Sports Tower Station 2 last June 6, 2017, the simple night of thanksgiving and testimonies with top notchers of MLQU turned into a milestone event when Top 8 Civil Engineer Board Passer Mr. Archimedes Martinez received a surprise 1 Million cash reward for his achievement from Manuel L. Quezon University, his alma-mater.

At the same time, the announcement was also broadcasted via Facebook Live on the official MLQU Facebook Page much to the cheers of fellow Quezonians and followers of the MLQU Facebook Page.
MLQU 1 Million
Engr. Archimedes Martinez receives 1 Million Pesos from MLQU!
And in about 48 hours since the MLQU video went live, it garnered almost 100K video views and about a quarter of a million reach! It also had almost 4,000 Likes and reaction, 300++ congratulatory comments, and almost 500 shares!

Aside form MLQU top executives, the celebration was also attended by bloggers, online influencers, and relatives and freinds of the MLQU top notchers.
The "1 Million" MLQU viral video had 100,000 video views, 1/4 million reach, 4,000+ likes, 300+ comments, and almost 500 shares within about 48 hours!
100K Video Views in just about 48 Hours!

1 Million MLQU Success

Beyond just a token of recognition, this symbolic appreciation is the start of what can be called "Success the MLQU Way".

Starting this 2017, all Top Board Passers for any course in MLQU shall be rewarded with 1 Million Pesos as well! Engr. Martinez, a BS Civil Engineer graduate from Manuel L. Quezon University, ranked 8th with a rating of 92.65 percent based on results posted by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) last May 11, 2017.

 Martinez is the only graduate from MLQU to make it to the top 10. Out of 6,998 examinees, only 2,514 passed the exam conducted simultaneously in 12 cities in the country.

Moreover, Mr. Martinez also received a job offer from New San Jose Builders, Inc. (NSJBI). At the same night, Mr. Raphael Pedroso was also awarded P50,000 for having a total average score of 93.25% in the recent nationwide professional licensing exam. It was Pedroso's 2nd take of the board exam.

Check out the 1 Million surprise Youtube Video Coverage here:

This is MLQU’s way to motivate its aspiring students to be committed and to continue to strive for excellence.

During the early years of MLQU, the university is known to produce high caliber graduates, some of which are bar topnotchers who are now experts and pillars in various industries. And as the years passed, MLQU had its fair share of trials and challenges that it had to surpass to keep its notable reputation.

In 2014, the New San Jose Builders Inc. acquired MLQU which ignited a vision of getting back on track and building the culture of excellence and legacy of becoming an outstanding academic institution.
MLQU Viral Video
1 Million MLQU Success
Success the MLQU Way

Since then MLQU, under the new management, has been very committed in regaining its glory. MLQU will continue to hone individuals who are capable of producing exemplary and notable works.

MLQU is continuously beefing up its roster of faculty members and deans who are known practitioners from their respective industry. Adding to the list of MLQU notable deans are former Chief Justice Reynato Puno, Regent & Dean Emeritus College of Law; former Supreme Court Associate Justice Jose Perez, Dean School of Law; Professor Eric Soriano, Dean School of Accountancy, Business and Real Estate Management; and DPWH Undersecretary Raul Asis and former UP Dean of Architecture Danilo Silvestre, special lecturers to name a few.

Alongside the enhancement of MLQU facilities and faculty, the basic education program for kindergarten to senior high will be offered at MLQU SPACE this June.

MLQU Viral Facebook Video
MLQU Viral Facebook Video
Know more about MLQU SPACE through their website at MLQU.edu.ph or its Facebook page at mlquofficial. You may also call MLQU for more information or inquiries about the latest courses and certification offerings at contact and telephone numbers 09566755232 or (+632) 994-5133.

Congratulations to Engr. Archimedes Martinez and to MLQU for it's first online viral video reaching 100K views in 48 hours with over a quarter of a million reach!

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