Tuesday, August 25, 2009

IMMAP Summit Day 1

This is my first time to attend IMMAP's Internet and Mobile Marketing Summit. I got my free delegate pass for this prestigious conference through a blog entry I wrote for a contest together with Regnard.

Held at SMX, Mall of Asia earlier, the event was opened with a speech from IMMAP president Arthur Policarpio. It also had huge international and local names for speakers including Sandra Puno from Nestle Philippines, Rahul Vasudev from MediaCom Interaction and George Foo, Chief Operating Officer of iHub Media Pte. Ltd for Facebook.

Seminar topics ranged from the new marketing landscape in terms of digital media, how to mix digital with the three traditional media outfits, and leveraging on the power of Facebook.

However, some of the talks were somehow rushed to adjust as time allocation between talks were very close.

Although, some speakers discussed only general topics and played it safe, some shared daring viewpoints and presented provocative statements. Most prevalent was James Lafferty's challenge to digital service providers of lowering "down the cost hypercompetitively." This did not rest quietly though with other speakers who said that 'cheap' is actually relative.

Yahoo Head of Marketing for Emerging Markets Bennet Porter also shared insights from their latest digital campaign in the Philippines called Yahoo Purple Hunt.

Tony Sarmiento III of Ace Saaatchi & Saatchi stirred some thoughts on the topic of digital creativity that delivers results. His primary case was that of Burger King's Whopper Sacrifice Facebook application which was so effective it was 'sacrificed' by Facebook itself. :)
The summit was well-attended as I estimate the crowd at about 80% seating capacity. I heard that this 3rd IMMAP conference had the biggest venue compared to the previous years. I just hoped that there were more readily available power outlets for laptop users since the summit is for the digital-savvy audience anyhow.

The summit was also followed by the Boomerang Awards in the evening.

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