Monday, July 27, 2009

Yahoo Purple Hunt Finale Winners Announced!

The July 25 Yahoo Purple Hunt Finale activities covered Bonifacio High Street in purple! From balloons to shirts, from ice cream to hair dos, and from donuts to cars, everything was purple.

Yahoo Purple Hunt Finale was the culminating day from all it's purple hunt related activities since it started back in May. For almost two months, consumers were teased to join the hunt for Purple prizes over the internet in their microsite.
The Prizes

After giving away some digital cameras, and Blackberries in phases 2 and 3 of the Purple Hunt, this day was The Day. In the finale, they gave out a Canon EOS500D Digital Camera (3rd prize), a techie-entertainment set consisting of a Macbook Air, PS3 and an iPhone (2nd prize), and the grand prize - a Honda Jazz “jazzed up” by the creative WeewillDoodle team.
The Winners

Getting the third prize is 26 yr old Jemuel M. Del Valle. He goes home with the Canon EOS500D Digital Camera.

Lizzie Cabisidan, a 25 yr old employee in Makati, ecstatically received her gadget showcase including a Macbook Air.

The Grand winner is Calvin C. Galgana who literally drove home an extraordinary brand new purple Honda Jazz Car uniquely hand painted with artistic "doodles" by the WeewillDoodle team.

Calvin narrates that he leaped for joy upon seeing the white Honda jazz car through the purple maze race which was the last challenge in the Purple Hunt Race.

He recalls that he was not exactly the first one to enter the last leg of the race (the purple maze). Another guy preceded him during the start which initially dampened his spirit of winning. he did not falter and later on, the other guy ended up with a dummy Honda Car prize which is color red, instead.

Galgana, only 20, is a senior college student studying BS Computer Science at the New Era University in Commonwealth, Quezon City. Interestingly, Calvin does not have a driver's license and does not know how to drive yet. And because of this, Honda Cars kind enough included a driving lessons scholarship for Galgana as part of his winnings (as if the car was not enough! :) ).

In the evening, the awarding ceremony was highlighted with a great fireworks display and an evening concert featuring top Pinoy bands, Sandwich, Paraluman and Duster.

What is the Project Purple?
Purple is Yahoo!’s corporate colour which reflects the company’s brand personality and philosophy of innovation, uniqueness, creativity and passion. With this campaign, Yahoo! aims to call out to all Filipinos who share this same vision to bring innovation and a positive change in the Philippines. Through a creative mix of online and offline initiatives, Yahoo! Project Purple brings awareness to the things Filipinos are passionate about and how they can be found on Yahoo!.

“Project Purple is a social movement and is open to everyone – online and offline. We are rallying Pinoys to be Purple and utilize the internet to aim higher,” said Jojo Anonuevo, General Manager, Yahoo! Philippines.

The Yahoo Purple Hunt is their way of linking Yahoo!’s brand to a cool way of doing things.

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