Friday, March 6, 2009

Farewell Francis Magalona

Francis "Kiko" Durango Magalona passed away midday today at the age of 44. After battling leukemia since last year, the "Master Rapper" joined his creator today - March 6, 2009.

We give our farewell to a great man who had been an icon in the Phippine music industry. Personally, I started to admire him back in the early 90's after releasing the song "Mga Kababayan Ko," which ticked the patriotic hearts of the Filipinos.

Farewell, Francis M.

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Francis M. poses for the camera as two medals were awarded to him by the Camera Club of the Philippines where he won third place in an On-The-Spot competition monthly contest one of which is for February in Panagbenga 2007.
* The photo is sourced from here and used under GNU Free Documentation License

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