Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Knocked Out : A 12 Rounds Movie Review

12 Rounds' Danny Fisher (John Cena's character) was caught by surprise when the criminal master mind he once sent behind bars escaped from prison. Miles (Aiden Gillen), the clever thief is now set to take revenge for the death of his girlfriend which was killed during the heist. And he wants to make sure Detective Fisher experiences the same by kidnapping Danny's wife - Molly (Ashley Scott).

But it's not that simple, the antagonist wants to play a game. Fisher is the player and his girlfriend, the prize. From start to finish, the movie is action-packed with the dozen challenges, puzzles, and tasks Danny has to face and overcome to get the love of his life back.

From the director of Die Hard 2 - Renny Harlin and the producer of Speed, 12 Rounds was able to maintain audience interest with edge-of-the-seat action sequences within an hour and 45 minutes. Other casts include Steve Harris and Brian White. The film is recommended for action movie lovers; just don't mind John Cena's expressionless face. It also ends with an interesting twist which I won't spoil. :) Watch the big screen and see who gets knocked out.

12 Rounds is brought to you by 20th Century Fox Int'l and is shown in Philippine cinemas starting today. Thanks to Maxxx cable channel for the advanced screening tickets

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