Thursday, November 11, 2010

Unboxing NOT my Samsung Galaxy 5

A few months ago, I almost got a Samsung Galaxy S - Samsung's top of the line Android phone - in my hands. But it slipped my fingers figuratively. On another occasion last month, I got to unbox a Samsung Galaxy 5 - Samsung's affordable android phone for the smartphone wanna-haves.

I got to unbox it, hold it, test it, and play with it - for a while. Nonetheless, for the budget-restricted person like I am, Samsung Galaxy 5 is a very good substitute if the price of Galaxy S is prohibitory.

Samsung Galaxy 5

The Android-lover will still be thrilled with this smartphone with the universe of downloadable applications available. Smaller than its predecessor, yet sleek in form and design, the Galaxy 5 Model: i5503 is so far the country’s most affordable Android-powered smart phone.

Samsung Mobile Communications Business head Glenn Glinoga adds that:
The Galaxy 5 is designed to cater to the needs of the millennial generation who want to personalize the way they use their phone. From downloading games, live wall papers, videos to instantly updating one’s status to their favorite social networking site, the Samsung Galaxy 5 offers a unique and enjoyable mobile phone experience wrapped in a bold, sleek and intuitive design,
Galaxy 5 Topside view
Downloadable free applications

The downloadable varieties include games, entertainment, lifestyle, sports, and communication tools. These are available through the phone’s built-in Android Market™ widget. You can also customize how you want your phone to be engaged with settings like that for getting the latest in world news, weather, and even showbiz news.
Social Hub
It's social networking made easy with a new experience of staying connected by having all of your contacts from your facebook, twitter and gmail integrated into you this gadget and sms contact list. Schedule regular updates to see the latest profile pics, status updates and media posts like photos and videos uploaded by your friends. Receive emails, instant messages through Gmail, facebook and twitter as long as you're connected.
2 megapixel camera

Aside from price, size and the amoled screen, this is one of the major difference from Galaxy S. Although only at 2 megapixel, this is already good for a camera phone and taking instant pictures.

Taking Photos with the 2MP Camera
Others Technology Features

Being Wi-Fi enabled, it's lightweight browser and the Layar Reality Browser providing overlay contextual information while surfing are added entertainment features for the surfer in you. Google MapsÔ is another for navigating new areas. It also has Bluetooth 2.1 , a customized TouchWiz 3.0 user interface, and Swype (ultra-fast text-input service).

(the white Samsung Galaxy 5 and side to side)

In summary, the Samsung Galaxy 5 is perfect for the Android smartphone starter like me. :) It's stylish amidst its simple design while packed with the endearments of an Android OS.

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