Saturday, February 26, 2011

Alter-Space Facebook Game for Green Education

A new Filipino-made Facebook game called Alter Space aims to educate the public on how to reduce carbon footprint.

With more than 25 of the 99 million of Filipinos online, not one can argue that more and more people are getting online. More than just being the 'SMS capital of the world', the Philippines is also getting recognized for being the 'social networking capital of the world' - 18,124,220 Filipinos on Facebook can attest to that.

It is in this line of thought that a leading Philippine company is launching the Alter Space Facebook game application that is inclined to educate people about the concepts of carbon footprint, cleaner and renewable sources of energy, and related green activities. The game encourages proactive contribution to preservation of the Earth’s resources.

The game players’ mission is to take care of the planet by keeping their carbon footprint levels low. This in turn keeps their Happiness levels up. Accomplishing fun tasks and challenges also helps thier carbon footprint levels.

As each player’s choice is decided to be environmentally sound or not, they can also invite friends to be their neighbors as tehir community carbon footprint also matters. Depending on these green choices, their virtual planet can experience disasters like Smog and Heat Wave, where they will have to perform extra tasks or pay a fee to maintain their carbon footprint, Current-cy, and Experience points at par.


Social games has been found to be one of the greatest come-ons of social networking.
"56 million Facebook users play daily and 290 million play monthly. Up to 265 million Facebook gamers, meanwhile, spend 210 minutes playing games. Twenty-percent of these game players even pay cash for in-game benefits. In the Philippines, 54 percent of social networking site users cite gaming as the reason they log on."

More of Alter Space
Alterspace Facebook Game Screenshot

Alter Space also features other mini-games such as Solar, Geo, and Hydro. Trivia and other info guides players through the game as well.

Furthermore, Alter Space employs some unique Filipino features such as the use of pamaypay (native fan), sungka, and “dirty ice cream."

Future of Alter Space

Alter Space is free, enjoyable, and educational. I say it could be a good tool for students to learn how they could give their share in reducing carbon footprint and help preserve environmental resources. For more details about Alter Space, check out

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