Thursday, March 3, 2011

AVT Portable GPS Photos

I recently got an AVT Portable GPS! To be specific, its the PN-301 entry model. The AVT GPS Navigator is a portable GPS navigation system that you can easily attach to the interior of a vehicle.

The maps are updated both in and outside of Metro Manila. It features a touch-screen color display and multimedia functionality, among others. Add to that the  mini SD/MMC card slot for easy transfer of files.

As with most portable GPS device, it talks. :) The voice-prompt technology and its core is able to plot alternative routes based on the user’s preference as well.

Priced at about P9,000, here are the AVT GPS photos:

Here is an AVT Portable GPS instructional video:

Now that I have an  AVT Portable GPS device, all I need ia a car! (maybe I can apply for a BPI Family autoloan, what do you think?) :)

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