Wednesday, July 20, 2011

ComUnion ERP Focus on Reselling, Seeks Cloud Computing Partners

The cloud computing industry in the Philippines have been developing at a good pace recently. We see relative growth in the number of new players and investors in the local scene.

This was supported by the core concept of centralizing information and myriad other processes with lesser tedious labor and at the same time saving operational time and expenses as well.

Philippine Scenario

One of the practical applications of cloud compting technology includes the integration of core functions in an enterprise called Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

ERP systems in itself saw rapid growth in sales during the last decade. It is then no surprise that the Philippine demand for the system has sky rocketed as well as we entered the twenty-first century. These developments has positively affected local corporations, as well as government and non-profit organizations. Their back office systems became more relevant to the whole organization.

ComUnionERP Team

ComUnionERP ventured into creating Enterprise Resource Planning systems during the last decade developing applications for the local industry. Emerging as an accounting and financial data as its premise, ComUnionERP captured and understood local company operations and business management creating customized system for the local businesses.
ComUnion (Comprehensive Unified Information) was a success and it had gone to further advancement like the development of an all processing and storage in a cloud server. However, even the huge investment of skills, talent and research cannot accommodate further development of the ComUnion Web ERP to its final stage as the team decided to focus on reselling.

They have decided that the system can only further its fruition when a new set of people come and continue the legacy. The group currently welcomes fine companies fitted to administer and continue ComUnion Web ERP. Interested parties can get in touch with ComUnion through for futher exploration of options and opportunities.

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