Sunday, July 31, 2011

On with Globe PowerSurf

Mobile phone these days continues to take leaps and bounds with more innovative features and services you never thought possible. With mobile browsing, it opens up an entire world of connectivity to us Filipinos, specially with Globe PowerSurf.

Then of course, there's Facebook, Twitter, or Multiply account and can’t probably stand it when you don’t get to log in for a day. Mobile browsing allows us to let our family and friends online know what we’re thinking, doing, watching, and liking—by the minute, wherever we are.

Globe PowerSurf
And with a mobile data plan from Globe, you can enjoy the most affordable mobile internet plan from Globe with Globe PowerSurf15! Send a quick e-mail or two, post a status update, upload a photo of that yummy dessert you just ate, re-tweet the newest MMDA traffic advisory to spread the news, Google-up a word you just encountered, or check if you can make it to the last screening of your fave flick. The benefits are endless. Boring yourself to death while on traffic or in a long queue may just be a thing of the past as you find joy in tinkering with your mobile phone while you’re on-line!

Globe PowerSurf15 is available for only P15 per hour or  P0.25 per minute, consumable for an entire day’s use. With this uber cool and affordable offer, you don’t have to rush to the office or to the nearest ‘Net café just to send an important e-mail. You can skip the traffic because you know which roads are full. All you need is your mobile phone and Globe PowerSurf to be in-the-know while you’re on-the-go!
Key in on your phone browser to watch the games live on your cellphone. You can also text UAAP and send to 2910 to view live streaming of the games on your phone.

*Standard browsing charges apply (P5 for 15 minutes) for time-based charging. P0.15/kb for kb-based charging. To check status, text STATUS to 1111. 

Turn it on and go Globe PowerSurf now! Text POWERSURF15 to 8888 to register. Other variants are Globe PowerSurf30 available for P 30 for 3 hours valid for 1 day and Globe PowerSurf50POWERSURF30 or POWERSURF50 to 8888. available for P 50 for 5 hours of consumable internet surfing valid for 3 days: Text

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