Sunday, October 30, 2011

2nd Guild Congress and Road to Denomination VI, a Huge Success

More than 6,000 e-Gamers attended the 2nd Guild Congress and Road to Denomination VI (R2D6) Tournament. 

Publicly listed online gaming publisher IP e-Game Venture Inc., (IP E-Games; PSE: EG) recently held its 2nd Guild Congress, an annual event seeks to bring together and recognize the various guilds of their MMORPG (massively multiplayer online roleplaying game) and online casual games.

MMORPGs RAN Online and CABAL Online, online FPS (First Person Shooting) game, Point Blank and online casual music games Audition Dance Battle and Bandmaster honoured their guilds with special awards, events, offline activities and tournaments.

IP e-Games had offline activities and band performances. Popular bands Join the Club and Paramita performed at the event.

JC and Nicole hosted the event

Aside from Guild Congress, that day marks the kickoff to Road to Denomination VI (R2D6), its annual opening salvo and pre-event celebration for the biggest single-day gaming celebration, e-Games Denomination VI. RAN Online, CABAL Online, Point Blank, Audition Dance Battle and Bandmaster held their R2D6 Mega Manila Leg Tournament
  • RAN Online – Matira Matibay
  • CABAL Online – 3x3 Carnage National Tournament
  • Point Blank – Mega Bakbakan
  • Audtion Dance Battle – Master of 8Keys
  • Bandmaster – Guild Congress SOS

There were online tournaments, unforgettable offline activities and performances that involved ever growing gaming community. 

RAN Online gave a preview of the RAN 177 and 187 skills. There's a Guild Banner and T-shirt design contest, too.  CABAL Online PM and APM Vinse presented the CABAL updates namely the Saint's Requiem. 

*Photo and text by Marjorie Pineda

The winning teams received awesome in-game items plus the coveted spot in the grand final tournaments at Domination VI. Similar tournaments held key cities in North and South Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. For more information on the 2nd Guild Congress and Road to Denomination VI, visit

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