Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Through Thick and Thin: SHARP Celebrates 30 Years of Serving the Filipino People

Did you know that Sharp Corporation is celebrating its 100 years of innovation worldwide this year, while its local subsidiary, Sharp (Phils.) Corporation, marks its 30th year?

Every year of SHARP’s presence in the Philippines has been memorable for one milestone or another, whether it on being a pioneer in manufacturing or a leading washing machine and CRT brand. But 2011 certainly stands out because it marks SHARP’s 30 years of being in the county.

Started in the early 80’s, its production includes black and white TVs and cassette tape recorders. Our first television was Sharp and it was followed by a Karaoke and a calculator which I kept for years. A run-through of this history provides a fascinating account indicative of just how much things have changed through all these years.

SHARP has gone to supply the Filipino household with a kitchen appliance line, a slew of award winning washing machines, product, karaoke, and high quality televisions. It helped to usher in a more technologically savvy generation, and a host of improved basics to satisfy a more eco-conscious clientele.

Shangri La Hotel, Makati Philippines
To celebrate its 100 years of innovation worldwide and SHARP’s 30 years in the Philippines, SHARP launched more groundbreaking products held in Shangri La Makati recently, hosted by Drew Arellano.

Drew Arellano

SHARP has adapted beautifully to Filipino ways all these years, it still takes its cue from what works best in Japanese customer care techniques and brings them here for the benefit of their valued Filipino customers.

Soon we will see the new UV2A technology in its Quatron LCD TV (70 inches, the Quatron 735 series). It will not only give extreme entertainment satisfaction but also effective energy saving features.

President and General Manager, Mr. Juantaro Shimamoto also welcomed guests to the event.

On hand during the convention were special guests such as Mr. Koji Domoto, Group Deputy General Manager of Sharp ASEAN Group and Managing Director of Sharp Electronics Malaysia (SEM), and other SHARP executives.
SHARP Executives

Aside from the 70’’ Quattron LCD TV, they also introduced several one-of-a-kind products like the, Sharp IDP Monitors, Healsio steam oven, and new Plasmacluster Ion technology purifiers and ion generators.

The company also reaffirmed its long-term commitment to the country which in turn will lead to more opportunities for employment and progress.


Also presented were the company’s customer satisfaction initiatives
through its KOTEN program, (KOTEN means individual exhibit).

The exhibit and product demonstration gave customers a better understanding of the item they want to purchase. There are also games, activities, perks and freebies await Sharp product enthusiasts.

Photo and Event Coverage by: Marjorie Pineda for Digital Manila

All these provide even more proof that SHARP in the Philippines is in it for the long haul.

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