Sunday, February 7, 2010

Finally, Dabbling With My Yahoo Meme

It has been more than two years now since I took blogging seriously. And in that course of time, I was exposed to different technologies and tools. More so last year, when online social networking boomed.

Satisfied with all the online tools and accounts that I have, I was pretty reluctant in opening new accounts with new services; thinking that it's just another run-of-the-mill application. One of them is Yahoo Meme. However, more than a month ago, Jonas De Los Reyes from discussed further about it in our Blog4Reviews Christmas party as part of his privilege speech.
Photo sourced from Dhynnes Lieva  
He elaborated its relevance in today's online culture dominated by the youth. He further enunciated its posting features capable of text, audio, photo, and video in the context of sharing.

I nonetheless created an account out of curiousity named after myself JonelUy , but never got to use again it since then. Well, until now.

As so, pulling the Computer Science spirit from within, my first meme was the text "Hello World!", lol.
The systems analyst in me proded myself to try out the rest of its features so I uploaded a photo of no other than my alter-ego Sago. :)

I then searched for friends who are also on Yahoo Meme and added them up. After all, it can get lonely if you're alone and what's the point of posting without having friends or at least someone to share it with.

I also tried the 'popular' memes and found something mushy and worth reposting, something artistic.This is actually the viral and vital part of Yahoo Meme - being able to share and repost meme easily.

I recently created a simple doodle of Sago in a hot air balloon for my recent blog about the upcoming hot air balloon fiesta in the Philippines. I think this would make a good meme.

And so it was.

I hope it gets viral :)

I also uploaded a video of the recent sampling of the pyromusical fireworks from a local mall. I think I'm getting the hang of this. Yahoo meme can further promote content from some of my blogs and I'll be able to discover from the others as well.

I'll use it a little more often and let's see where this leads to.

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