Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine Sweetness Goes Digital

With the Philippines being the social networking capital of the world, the concept of bringing valentines into the digital space is somehow anticipated.

And true to the fact, chocolate brand Toblerone has started to spread the sweetness online this Valentine season.

Digital Love

This is what you can call a literal 'love triangle'. :) Check out to www.toblerone.com.ph for ideas on how to celebrate your Valentines Day. It actually leads to their Facebook Fan Page. The site invites users to share their thoughts on different V-day traditions and gift ideas.

Gift-Giving App

Try Toblerone’s gift giving application which send virtual sweet treats to friends and loved ones perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Mix and Match

Play a little game of Cupid by trying out Toblerone’s matchmaking application. It lets you mix and match buddies online to check compatibility and romantic potential. :)

Completing the Triad

And for the single and ready to mingle, head on to UNO Pizzeria Restaurant and Bar at San Miguel By the Bay on February 11 at 7pm. Toblerone, in partnership with Thinkpadd and UNO Pizzeria, will hosts a Valentine’s Day speed dating exclusive.

Who says the digital space need to be boring come Valentine’s Day?

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