Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Online Video Contest Results by Cream-O Released

 Cream-O Online Video-Making Contest has recently been concluded with the announcement of winners who took home a MacBook Air laptop for the grand prize, a Canon Vixia Camcorder for the 2nd prize and an iPod Touch for the 3rd prize.

Cream-Oholics showed that they could do the extreme for Cream-O. They would jump off a hill, scream at the top of their lungs, swim a wild river, brave a cemetery and run hundreds of miles. All these and more were featured in the videos uploaded by the contestants of the Cream-O online video-making contest.

Giosi Mendoza and Ralph Bryan Sarol’s Highlands Cream-Oholic video bagged the grand prize.  It featured a Cream-Oholic who pulled off funny stunts and ran after a speeding vehicle in order to get his Cream-O back.

“We joined the competition to get noticed”, recalls Mendoza, the 33 year-old director of the winning video.  He and Bryan work for their own production outfit, Tanghalang Bawawaw
“And we really like Cream-O. Our favorite is the Cream-O Premium Sandwich Cookies.”  
Both of them love Cream-O Premium Choco Fudge..
Grand Winners Giosi Mendoza and Ralph Bryan Sarol
The second prize went to 27 year-old Ray Mercado.  He won the Canon Vixia Camcorder with his submitted video Tribu but was unable to attend the awarding since he resides in Cagayan de Oro.  The wacky video illustrated a young man’s quest for the Cream-Onobo tribe wherein he faced three extreme challenges to acquire the delicious and most sought-after Cream-O.

The iPod Touch went to aspiring filmmaker Paul-Kristoffer Putong from Tanza, Cavite who won with his video entry, Centavo. It showed the importance of a 25 centavo coin in a young man’s pursuit of his favorite chocolate fix, Cream-O.  Paul, a true blue Creamoholic, usually enjoys Cream-O in the morning as breakfast.  “We appreciate this opportunity. We did not only enjoy the overall chocolate goodness of Cream-O, we also had the chance to show our talents,” adds Mendoza and Sarol.

Visit www.creamoholics.com to see all the submitted videos and get the chance to win a Cream-O lootbag by playing the Catch-a-Cream-O game. Congratulations to the Cream-O online video-making contest winners!

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