Saturday, September 18, 2010

Excited For My iPhone 4

iPhone 4
It's not a secret how much I've been wanting to buy an iPhone 3G for almost a year now. And then comes iPhone 4! Argh!

I'm haven't had my dream phone and comes the next one, how frustrating is that? It is but inevitable that iPhone 4 automatically becomes my new dream phone.

With its sleekier style and finish, features including FaceTime face-to-face calls, high-resolution phone display, video recording in HD, and multitasking capabilites, among others, who would not fall for this mobile phone from Apple.

Although iPhone 4 has been around internationally for sometime now, here in the Philippines, it is just about to officially come through local telecom giant Globe. I've checked their website and a registration form has been prepared.

I could just imagine how many iPhone 4 fans have registered already and is virtually lining up for that.

I guess the most amazing feature for me would be its 5-megapixel camera matched with sharp high-resolution phone display revealing details of the photo you took. Being a photobug myself, I always carry a bulky digital camera and the idea of having the same power and quality output through a Retina display in my iPhone 4 in such a mobile size is truly something; and we're not yet talking about the FaceTime two-camera video-calling feature.

iPhone 4 will be available in 16GB and 32GB for both black and white

With 99 days before Christmas, this would truly come as an awesome gift for me; even if I don't receive any other gifts through the holidays. Or at the very least, I get to finally save-up to purchase an iPhone 4 before iPhone 5 comes up. LOL :)

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