Sunday, December 5, 2010

Online Shopping with Winila Bidding System

Shopping online gets a twist with Winila. It's a different form of buy-and-sell e-commerce alltogether as it utilizes an online bidding system.

Branding itself as an online shopping site, Winila offers products in an auction-style model where one can save as much as 95%. Buyers still have the option to directly buy the products at standard retail prices indicated.

The Winila Bidding System

Each 'bid' a buyer places increases the price of an item by a specific set amount. The auction is reset with an additional 15 seconds every time a bid is placed.

However, when the auction time goes below 20 seconds it will never go over 20 seconds again.

All auctions end when the auction clock reaches zero. The final bidder of the product is declared the winner.
Winila Website
If You Are Overbid

If you loose, or was bid out, you still have the option to buy the product with the "Buy It Now" functionality where you can purchase the product for a discount equal to the value of the bids you placed in that auction.
How To Join Winila
How To Join:

1. Register on the Winila Homepage OR through the Facebook connect. Only for participants over the age of 18.

2. To participate in the auctions select a bid package. Each bid costs PHP 10, $0.50, or €0.50. Bid packages vary between 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 bids.

3. Start bidding and shop items.

You can also check out some Winila bidding strategies from Winila's Help page.

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