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PLDT TelPad = Landline + DSL + Touch-Screen tablet

Offering a diverse range of information and telecommunications technology including fixed line and wireless, PLDT pushes the envelope further with its new and world's first innovation - the PLDT TelPad.

Just when you thought trendy iPads and in-style Android tablets were only for businessmen, celebrities, and fashion icons, PLDT turns the ordinary household landline into a PLDT TelPad with a touch-screen tablet and DSL access for the regular homes.
(L-R)  Eric R. Alberto (PLDT VP of Customer Sales and Marketing); Napoleon Nazareno (PLDT President & CEO, Manny V Pangilinan (PLDT Chairman), Dan Ibarra (PLDT Group Head of Retail Business)
The PLDT TelPad launch held ast December 13, 2010 at the SMX Convention  Center in Pasay was led by PLDT President & CEO Napoleon Nazareno, PLDT VP of Customer Sales and Marketing Eric R. Alberto, PLDT Group Head of Retail Business Dan Ibarra, and no less than the PLDT Chairman himself - Manny V Pangilinan.
PLDT Executives Launch Toast
Yes folks, you heard it right. Just as I was surprised that night, it was indeed an aggressive move on the part of PLDT to bring this gadget into the household level at the height of the iPad and tablet craze.

Perhaps, it was this bold move and market impact which PLDT was aiming for.

Physical Features

Feature-packed and household-friendly, the PLDT TelPad functions just like your usual wireless landline with a handset and dock station. What makes it stand out is the iPad-looking detachable 7-inch touch-screen tablet.
PLDT TelPad On-Screen Dialer

You can carry it around the house just like a cordless phone for as far as 25 meters from the charging dock station.

How To Apply /Reserve


A little bigger than the Samsung Tab but smaller than an iPad, subscribers can use the portable tablet (or the handset) to make and receive phone calls. And since it is basically a computer and has an unlimited myDSL broadband, you can access rich media content through the Internet as a bundled service. I can check my email from my landline! :)

It runs on Android version 2.2 offering multi-tasking features and is powered by a 1Ghz Cortex A8 processor to support performance. Since it's on Android, subscribers can download over a hundred thousand of applications online from the Android Market. It's Google’s store offering games (such as Angry Birds), business apps, magazines, and e-books.
Facebook and Angry Birds on the PLDT TelPad
Internal storage starts at 2GB and can be augmented by an SD card or USB ports for extended storage. This means the Filipino's penchant for taking photos literally everywhere will find a new medium for sharing their pictures with other family members.
PLDT TelPad from all angles (showing ports)
Add to that the TelPad’s built-in HDMI port which when plugged into a television, allows the whole family to listen to music, watch movies, play games and even sing along with a Videoke app (soon).

More Features

The PLDT TelPad further expands its value proposition with a 2-megapixel front camera for photos and face-to-face talk time if the other party has a camera too. What first came to mind is a videoconference call using YM, Skype, or GTalk on the comfort of your landline.

This is actually bad news for VoIP phones in the market. :(
Surfing, @sk PLDT, Online Movie Sched, and Meralco Billing
All these above-mentioned technologies are not actually new. I think what makes the PLDT TelPad revolutionary is the conceptual jump in usage from the simple landline phone with handset and buttons into a computer-like detachable interface with Internet access. And let's not forget that it's a touch-screen phone!
PLDT Vice President for Retail Voice and Microbusiness, Patrick Tang, further adds that “the PLDT TelPad tablet has built-in widgets and many applications that can access PLDT-run content-rich portals such as PLDT@Home, askPLDT and very soon, even PLDT Watchpad, which is PLDT’s online multi-media entertainment portal.
Mobility, ease of use, and applications - what more can you ask? Yes, I think it still has a lot of room for improvements such as weight, thickness size, and a more sensitive touch screen hardware.But these are features I usually want on my Android mobile phone (not my landline)! PLDT has certainly set a high fixed-line phone standard.

Client Feedback

In an interview with RPV Electro Technology Philippines businessman and PLDT guest Ronald Vasquez, he expressed a concern that "it is not yet fully wireless; the docking station is still wired."

On the other hand, he adds however, that he liked "the PLDT TelPad's multi-media features and the way it functions as an alternative for a PC at home."
Celebrity Bianca Valerio & PLDT Vice President for Retail Voice Patrick Tang
Celebrity-Host Bianca Valerio points out that she "is looking forward to playing the games" such that of  "Plants vs Zombies" online. :)


PLDT offers the TelPad landline service which started yesterday at Plan 1849 with a bundled 1Mbps myDSL broadband connection and landline service.

Other Higher Plans are:
Plan 2099/month w/ 1.5 Mbps
Plan 3095/month w/ 2.5 Mbps
Plan 4100/month w/ 3.5 Mbps
Existing PLDT myDSL customers can add as low as P500/month to upgrade to the TelPad plans.

The Market and The TelPad
PLDT TelPad on the Charging Dock Station
Although I think it would not be easy to convince my old folks here at home to convert our ordinary landline phone into a PLDT TelPad, this development surely makes me excited. I wonder how would the local market react? Is the common Filipino ready for this type of finger-reach access-technology?

How would telecoms in other countries react? Will they follow-suit a third-world country?

I would expect that this launch, at the very least, turned some heads of the iPad and tablet manufacturers. But are they threatened? How would their sales be affected now that a similar-looking gadget with basically the same technology suddenly became very accessible?
Ask PLDT Dashboard

PLDT TelPad Dashboard similar to your PC Desktop

But Wait, There's More!

Yes, I heard through the grapevine that there is indeed more, and soon! As early as January 15, 2011. Newer and more improved hardware versions of the product will be shipped. So if you can hold your horses and spend the holidays without bragging about your new, mobile, and awesome internet-capable landline phone, you might consider waiting for one more month. I was told that next year's release would have more sensitive touch screens for better swiping. Moreover, a USB port which could communicate with 3G-USB sticks for real mobile internet surfing is also not too distant in the future.

Woah, I could use my mobile broadband usb stick on the PLDT TelPad soon!

Are you familiar with the mobile landline phones that look like cellphones introduced two years ago? These are the ones which you could literally bring anywhere as long as there is network coverage. Think a little further when PLDT would combine that with today's PLDT TelPad.

Reserve/Apply for a PLDT TelPad Now

Check out the Official PLDT TelPad Microsite and PLDT TelPad Facebook Fan Page. Application for Reserving a TelPad Unit also ongoing. Click on the "Book Yours Now" link near the center of the image.

Click Yellow Circle to Apply for a PLDT TelPad

As if I'm not torn enough if I should get an iPad or a Samsung Android Tab for Christmas, here comes the PLDT TelPad. Great!

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