Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab Craziest Things Video Contest!

Sharing with you another good news from Samsung! It's the last few weeks of the Samsung Galaxy Tab Craziest Things Video Contest! 

Start your week right by taking a video of the craziest, funniest or even daring yourself to do anything under the sun!

Samsung Galaxy Tab Craziest Things Mechanics:
1) Promo Duration is from February 22, 2011 to March 22, 2011*. Deadline extended to April 10, 2011!
2) Promo is open to all Filipinos residing in the Philippines aged 18 years of age at the time of joining.
3) To participate in the Craziest Things Video Contest, interested and qualified individuals must comply with the
Samsung Galaxy Tab
Create a Video
i. Create a minimum of 30 second to a maximum of 90 second video using your camera, phone or video recorder. Make sure that video is audible and viewable. Save this on video format.
ii. In the video, you need to outline how far you will go to get a Samsung Galaxy Tab
iii. Make sure to impress us in the video. The clearer the concept and the video, the better.
iv. We will NOT ACCEPT videos that violate the following things: as we don’t advocate too extreme and too racy videos, especially if it promotes violence, profanity and discrimination:
1. No sexual innuendo and malicious advancement
2. No profanity
3. Too extreme stunts are not encouraged; safety is highly encouraged.
4. No illegal and abusive demonstrations
5. No racism or attacks to faith, organized institutions and societies
6. Unoriginal, whether reenacted nor clipped from existing footage
v.     Samsung has rights to all videos submitted. Samsung will exercise full control and volition on the materials.

Upload the Video
i. Log online and go to YouTube to upload the video. You have to have an account to upload.
ii. Give a title to your entry and make sure to tag the entry with keywords -- Samsung Galaxy Tab Craziest Things
iii. After the upload, Copy/Save the URL link and post it in Samsung Galaxy Tab Craziest Things Wall and please don’t forget to vote.
iv. Share your post (video in the fan page) to your profile page by tagging your name. (e.g. @name) in the field before clicking Share so the entry is submitted. Entries not successfully posted to the fan page and shared with your name tagged are not qualified. Double check the fanpage and your profile page to make sure your entry has been posted in both pages.
v. You can upload as many DIFFERENT VIDEO ENTRIES, for more chances of winning.
vi. Ask your friends to “like” your entries. However, that will not be the sole determinant of the contest. (See Criteria for Judging)
Samsung Galaxy Tab Craziest Things Video Contest!

For full mechanics and terms and conditions - Click Here:

Post them now and you might get a chance to win one of the three Samsung Galaxy Tab up for grabs! You've got a few more weeks to show us your entries!

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