Friday, March 4, 2011

Sony VAIO Craftsmanship Revelead in Art of VAIO

Sony VAIO has always exuded creativity and style in its craftsmanship, from the materials used, to the colors, and overall finish. The other night, Sony proved this further in the ‘Art of VAIO’.

Sony launched its first VAIO Spring collection for 2011 in the event ‘Art of VAIO’ at the Ayala Museum in Makati as it unveiled new models that have long been in anticipation.

The new models were introduced through a tour of each VAIO series highlighting its features and style; it wasn’t called ‘Art of VAIO’ for nothing.
'The Art of VAIO' Product Tour in Ayala Museum

The VAIO C displayed a splash of color with its light emitting material that comes in illuminating hues of neon orange and neon green.

Powered by Intel® Core™ i5 processor, the 14-inch new VAIO C is a high-performance notebook. It also utilizes a Dynamic Hybrid Graphics System that switches automatically between internal and external graphics chip depending on the usage.

Priced at P69, 999, other color options come in pink, black and white.


This VAIO Y is Sony’s response to the mobile and affordable-seeking market. This brand new line gives a more affordable option to the consumers.

Posing itself as a handy laptop that can pass for a netbook but with the power of a full-fledged laptop, VAIO Y is both stylish and ergonomic with an 11.6-inch screen. Full featured as a laptop yet light at less than 1.5 kg upto 4 hours of battery life.

Packed with AMD Dual-Core Processor E-350 with AMD Radeon™ HD 6310 Discrete–Class Graphics, it is priced at P29,999 and is is available in Silver, Pink, and Green.


Poised as an enterprise tool, the VAIO S focuses on power and mobility. Power is handled by Intel® Core™ i5 processor, 512 MB external graphics card, and a performance switch similar to VAIO C.

Moreover, it exemplifies its concept of mobility with a provision for an extended battery. If both primary and extended batteries are attached, the VAIO smartly consumes the latter first, so users can leave it behind later on. A combined battery life from its primary and extended battery will provide mobile individuals productivity for almost 12 hours. The extended battery comes as a separate accessory, however.

As per design, the VAIO S comes in a new beautiful magnesium hexa-shell design that is full-flat with a concealed hinge available in matte black and metallic pink colors.

First Ever 3D VAIO

Sony introduced the new VAIO F series with an 16.0” full HD display enabling bright and crisp images – all in 3D.
Sony 3D VAIO

Powering this 3D machine is Intel® Core™ i7 Quad core processor and NVIDIA® GeForce GT 540M GPU. Similar to the BRAVIA concept, it enables a frame sequential method with LED backlit control in the VAIO F.

It comes with a pair of active shutter glasses. It is an improvement to the passive polarized 3D screens used by other brands for sharper and brighter images with fast response time and wide viewing angle.

To date, the Sony 3D VAIO Technology is the best in quality at this category with the best 3D PC Technology in the market today.

The Art of VAIO

I think the coming out of VAIO Y as an affordable line came as a little surprise with Sony having been always known for its premium lines. But I guess, it was something to be expected forthcoming. Nonetheless, its specification still upheld a package of quality. As Sony Philippines Director for VAIO Marketing & IT Sales Mr. Yung Yap shares:
Premium quality is the upmost consideration with VAIO. It includes capturing the wants and needs of every customer. Knowing that every person has different personalities and desires, the product engineers designed VAIO to cater to these varied wishes.

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