Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Digital Book Geek Contest - Be the Book Geek of the Month

I got a comment/message from my old blog yesterday inviting me to join and help spread the word about Fully Booked's Book Geek of the month.

It's about a contest to be held this coming 4pm of January 22,2009. The first 25 Bloggers Book Club (BBC) members who can submit their complete entries with all the correct answers shall be qualified as contestants to the competition on the 31st of the same month at their Bonifacio High Street branch. The winner will be eligible for the finals come November and earn the glory to be called the "Fully Booked Ultimate Book Geek".

I was a little surprised at first as I thought that the request to spread the word about this event is counter-intuitive since I would statistically have more chance of being part of the first 25 submittions if there were less competition. So the fewer members who know about this means lesser competition and more chances of winning! Muwahahaha. =)

But that's just the devil on my left talking. =)

I decided to follow my guardian angel on the right and heeded the request of a Fully Booked fellow and probably another Blogger Book Club member as well.

So, Fully Booked Bloggers Book Club members, what are you waiting for?! Ready yourselves and join the fun next Thursday 4pm. If, for any reason you decide not to do so, don't worry, we wouldn't mind as much either. =)

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