Sunday, February 15, 2009

Congratulations to the Winner of Digital Manila's First Online Movie Premiere Contest

After two days of commenting and 11 participants in the contest, Digital Manila was able to validate the entires of 8 contestants and scored them accordingly on the two movie reviews: Benjamin Button and Gran Torino.

Digital Manila would like to congratulate winning commenter justmejasmine. She gets 2 movie premiere tickets for Confessions of A Shopaholic showing on February 17, 2009 at the Glorietta 4 Cinema 1.

Her winning comments are the following:

On Benjamine Button

For me this is the best Brad Pitt movie ever. I liked the way the characters were portrayed. The scenes kept me glued at my seat. Story-wise it's complex but once you've seen it's entirety, you'd understand why it was written.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button showcased good values that seemed drifted in today's generation. Overall, this flick is worth watching over and over again.

On Gran Torino

Definitely not about racism. Yes, Az and Yapatoots, i agree on this. Never mind those detractors. Well, at first one might think is, but then again, dig into the story and learn more about life..

This showcased Clint Eastwood's best performance, as an actor and director. I liked the way he injected humor into the story. It added a more realistic twist. It kept me laughing till now remembering his famous "get of[f] my lawn" and "yum yum".

I appreciate[d] my elders more when i saw this film. [A] coincidence, 2 of my elders are war vets as well.. plus, i've learned about the Hmong culture; I've actually researched about them out of curiousity.
"justmejasmine" will be contacted through her given email in the comment system and asked for her mailing address where the pair of movie premiere tickets will be couriered.

Thank you to all the participants for joining and continue visiting for other features and future contests.

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