Thursday, February 26, 2009

Help Spread the Charity Virus - Be A "Kaibigan ng PCSO" Volunteer!

The Philippine Charity Sweeptakes Office (PCSO) started the celebration of it's 75th year anniversary last February 20, 2009 with the theme "Care, Share & Win, Tulong mo na, Suwerte mo pa (Help & Get Lucky)." The celebration's main event is the night concert entitled "Spread the Chairty Virus" where they launched the "Kaibigan Ng PCSO(Friend of PCSO)" program where sourcing of volunteer individuals, professionals, civic groups, and organizations are systematized for services to PCSO medical and dental missions, among others.

As part of their effort to gather more volunteers, they invited a number of bloggers to support the event and even enlist as possible volunteers - and of course we did. “We hope that bloggers can help spread the spirit of charity and volunteerism that we envision with the Kaibigan ng PCSO program,” remarked PCSO General Manager Rosario Uriate.

More about "Kaibigan ng PCSO"

Basic health service delivery remains a major concern in the Philippines needing to be addressed adequately. The chronic lack of doctors, nurses, and competent health workers has aggravated as decades of overseas migration of Filipino medical practitioners leave the country in search of higher-paying jobs abroad. Likewise, the lack of basic medicine and provisions for primary medical procedures has made difficult the timely intervention for arresting communicable diseases and even common ailments among the nation’s 42,000 barangays.

"Kaibigan ng PCSO" is a program that will be pursued through the leadership of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) to systematize and rationalize sourcing of volunteer individuals & organizations in partnership with the private sector to advance the charity agency’s health mandate by establishing sustainable networks and linkages.

The program hopes that through this mode of intervention on a nationwide scale the corporate responsibility ethic of private corporations and companies will be enhanced, particularly with regard to health issues. It likewise seeks to promote the volunteerism spirit inherent in every Filipino. It also gives importance to the value of individual and collective civic efforts and of raising these efforts to the level of “unity in volunteerism” to sustain a functioning and efficient health & medical assistance delivery system for poor Filipinos everywhere.

"Kaibigan ng PCSO" will organize volunteers at the provincial, municipal, city, and barangay levels, using primarily the organizational reach of PCSO, the country’s premier charity agency.

On the other hand, all card-carrying members of "Kaibigan ng PCSO" will also have the chance to be given the special PCSO Health Card that puts you on the priority list for those seeking financial assistance for hospitalization and medical support from the country’s lead agency in charity work.

Volunteers can sign up at PCSO’s provincial regional and district offices, and lotto outlets. You may access and download the forms here: Individual Forms -O- Institutional Forms

The event with the bloggers was made possible by Yehey!

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* Portions of the "More about 'Kaibigan ng PCSO'" are referenced from the information flyer and press kit.

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