Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Spa Theater Reunion - What?

I recently came across an online article about a spa theater in the Philippines. I first gave off a light smirk on the idea, but later on realize that it was quite elegnt. Imagine yourself enjoying a relaxing foot scrub or hand massage while watching your favorite film on the big screen!

The concept is made into a reality by BlueWater Day Spa in its Ortigas Avenue branch. It is also tagged as one of the, if not the, first Spa theater in the world and can house a maximum of 28 clients at a given time. It shows Blue Ray movies equipped with high definition cinema projectors and Dolby Surround 7.1 sounds. The LazyBoy leather seat sofas were custom-made to recline in a relaxing way.

Aside from the usual private parties, company gimmicks, or group movie gigs, I think a unique way of utilizing the Spa Theater would be renting the whole Spa Theater for a Big Family Reunion.

Imagine, together with your dad, mom, titas, titos, grandparents and cousins, enjoying a relaxing spa all at the same time. And since it's a reunion, and as an alternative to movies, the big family could watch all the family portraits and digital photos of the relatives from the past upto the present. The whole clan could laugh together at their own wacky and mushy pictures or photos of a recent celebration. It's also a good way of catching up on what the other members of the extended family has been busy with.

Being born in a family of 10 with 7 brothers and sisters, of whome 6 already have grand children, I could only imagine how the 28 seater theater might not even be enough for us....catching up on each other and laughing at the same time on candid-and-not-so-candid photos of family members.
If this article has tickled your fancy, you may visit for more details and contact numbers.

This blog post also serves as an entry to TechFilipino's online contest for the Spa Theater

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