Sunday, August 9, 2009

G.I. JOE: Rise of the Cobra - Cartoonish But Cool

G.I. JOE: Rise of The Cobra is your typical out-of-the-comic action adventure film who brings the story to the movie screen. But don't worry, you won't be disappointed.

It would most probably satisfy what most of the audience would expect out of G.I. Joe movie - a highly fictionalized story and a lot of CGIs; but still enjoyable to watch.

The best part for me would be the Paris urban road chase. It's fast, heart-pumping, awesome, and certainly gathered some shrieks from our movie housemates.

Story-wise, I believe it was able to establish what it wanted to tell about how the GI Joes and Cobra would come about. Snake Eyes had a simple but deep character to portray.

This prequel was for the most part, made to establish the story for the sequel. And with that, I expect the part 2 to be more bombastic and engaging. This is what I am excited about.

Thanks to TV5 Shake mo TV mo for the special screening invite of G.I. JOE: the Rise of the Cobra

Watch G.I. JOE: Rise of The Cobra and enjoy. Don't think much. :)

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