Thursday, October 29, 2009

Heartwarming AstroBoy Movie

Basically a cartoon movie with a heart, AstroBoy touches the human heart with the concept of self-sacrifice for the another's betterment.

Programmed with the memory and emotions of a real child, AstroBoy was in search of his destiny after being made to realize that he was not a real boy. His experiences later on made him a stronger, more resolute 'person,' emotionally and otherwise.
The movie illustrated a number of life lessons from social acceptance to belongingness and father-child quality time, among others. The CGI showcase of the movie is at par with other latest movies with a slight inclination towards darker hues.

Thank you to TV5 for the movie invites.

AstroBoy Movie Trailer:

Don't expect an truly awesome move or something similar that you want to watch all over again but it's a nice movie for children and the whole family. AstroBoy fans wouldn't be disappointed as well.

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