Thursday, October 15, 2009

Renewable Energy: Sinag Harnesses the Power of the Sun

As climate change become more of a reality than a warning, we reap the consequences as well.

The two recent typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng hit the country hard and took it by surprise, not without repercussions. During such occasions, the use of clean and renewable energy becomes more relevant as a long term solution to lighten the load off our environment and the ecosystem within.

One such technology that can be found within our locality is that of Sinag. Sinag is the

first Filipino solar-powered car to enter the World Solar Challenge in Australia..
It was held two years ago October 21 to 28, 2007. Surprisingly, it was developed and built by students and faculty members from De La Salle University in Manila.
Sinag caught my attention last week at Bonifacio High Street at The Fort where I saw it as part of an open-air green-themed exhibition.
“SINAG weathered the course far beyond any of our expectations. It’s positive proof of not only the car’s solid design and construction, but also our own capability to successfully deploy solar power technology in the Philippines,” says Engr. Fernandez.
as quoted from homepage

Albeit still being developed continuously, it is a step. A step towards a better technology that aids the preservation of our natural surroundings. A step towards renewable energy for a sustainable tomorrow, and step towards the global effort of preparing for the climate change that is already occuring.
This is my post for the Blog Action Day - Filipino bloggers speaking as one on climate change!

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