Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Me & My Mobile Internet

Having three jobs that require you to be in different locations most of the time poses the ultimate challenge in being mobile.

I teach information technology courses in a college in Manila, I do part-time professional blogging, and I maintain a small business on web development catering to small and medium enterprises.

I reside in Makati while teaching in Quezon City. Aside from using my mobile internet in school, I use it as well in between the longtrips via Light Rail Transit(LRT) or Metro Rail Transit (MRT) where I frequently go online on my laptop. Yes, it's pretty safe inside the train systems; just don't do the same on public jeepneys. And I can only do that with my mobile internet-powered usb modem. One such provider in the Philippines is Globe Tattoo Broadband. Simply plug-in the USB stick and you can connect to the internet anywhere, anytime.

Part of the blogging arena nowadays are blogger events. Hosted by advocacy groups, public organizations or private companies, event locations could vary and spread from SM City mall up north down to Enchanted Kingdom in the south. And we're not yet even talking about the Visayas Philippine Blog Awards in Cebu and the Blogging Summit in Mindanao held recently.
Being a blogger who needs to be consistently online, going to these new places can sometimes give you a hard time looking for internet cafes to access the Web. So a handy mobile internet is really a blogger's best friend. Coming in different designs, you could even brag about Globe Tattoo Broadband New Skins with fellow bloggers or try to customize it with your own design by submitting to Globe Tattoo Broadband Gallery.

Fellow blogger Flowell even discussed the details of access charges for "timed use" or "per KB":

...Per KB connection caters to those who just update blog, check emails, read specific updates that will not require much time on the cybreworld. Per KB charging cost only 15 cents per KB that you consumed in surfing the net, to activate this service just text Bytes to 1111. While per TIME connection lets you surf the internet for 5 pesos per 15 minute surfing, it gives you additional time to stay in the cyberworld after checking emails or done updating your blog, to activate this option just text TIME to 1111, but for new users TIME based is default configuration. To check the status of your internet connection text STATUS to 1111.
Thank you indeed to portable usb modem internet services like Globe Tattoo Broadband which help mobile people like me. Globe Tatoo Broadband is powered by Globe Tattoo Prepaid Sim which you can also use for call and text/SMS.

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