Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon Better Than Twilight?

After getting a lot of flack again from a number of film critics just like its predecessor Twilight, I think New Moon deserves to be compared to the former instead.

From someone who got to watch New Moon without watching Twilight, I think the movie was actually a good one for its target audience - the romantically inclined movie goers.

Although the die-hard book lovers would expectedly point out missing scenes, I believe that the story line was able to hold viewer interest throughout the movie's twist and turns.

I particularly liked the werewolves-protect-Bella-from-vampire shots and the brief action sequence where Edward had to defend Bella (Kristen Stewart) from the elder vampires. Weird enough, a visionary affirmation from Alice was anough to give them freedom.

Bad Scenes

Anyhow, the movie obviously had some lousy scenes as well highlighted by the dreamy sequence where Edward was running after Bella in the woods in jestful . . . slow . . . mo . . . tion. I think it was the most 'cheesy' and unnecessary scene in the movie. It should have been edited-out. Period. (it caused the viewing audience last night to break out it laughter, or perhaps in disgust).

As many girls shriek at Jacob's abs (Taylor Lautne), his acting abilities was the lousiest among them all. You can feel in his facial gestures alone, the unnatural expression of his supposed love for Bella required from the script.

Funny Observations

Guy viewers accompanying their girlfriends should just watch out for the moviehouse-girly-shrieks everytime Jacob removes his shirt. :)

I also observed that Edward Cullen and Bella seem to use the same lipstick. :)

New Moon

The movie also stars Dakota Fanning with a few minutes of exposure and red eyes. Regular movie screening of New Moon starts today locally. This sequel's running time was also obviously longer than Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight.

Generally, New Moon is a feel good romantic-fiction fantasy between humans, werewolves and vampires. The closing scene was successful in instilling a strong anticipation among the viewers and fans. Edward and Bella supporters are surely looking forward on the third installment.

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