Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pacquiao Defeats Cotto, Dandruff, & Hair Fall :)

Once again, Pacquiao emerged victorious and has proven his boxing prowess to the world as he beat Miguel Cotto in round 12 of the recently concluded Pacquiao vs Cotto match.

I am not surprised, what else is new? In the Philippines, more than not, it's not a question if Manny Pacquiao will win a match or not. The question asked is in which round Manny will knockdown an opponent for good. It's where the bets are made.

Jokes run around that the victory was caused by his recent endorsement of Head & Shoulders, an anti-dandruff shampoo by Procter &Gamble. In particular, the new one which battles hair fall with 'Hair Retain'. Interestingly, lice is called 'kuto' in the local language ( which sounds very similar to 'Cotto').

I believe getting Manny Pacquaio for the endorsement was meant for the timing of the match between Pacquiao & Cotto; aside from Pacquiao's already high celebrity endorser status including that of Nike.

"Now men have a fighting chance to win their battle against thinning hair caused by dandruff and breakage. With new Head & Shoulders For Men Hair Retain, you can knockout dandruff and hair fall! "

- what a fitting and timely staement from Head & Shoulders. :)

Congratulations again to Manny Pacquiao! Not only did you beat dandruff and hair fall, you also laid to rest a 'Cotto' in real life!

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