Monday, November 30, 2009

Samsung's 2View ST550 & ST500 Digital Cameras are Double the Fun

It's double the fun this Christmas season with Samsung's recently released 2View models.

I got the chance to visit their booth last week in SM Mall of Asia and got to take a closer look at the ST550 & ST500 models. At a handy size, it has a shouting 12.2 mega pixels.

I actually saw the Samsung 2View ST550 already last month in Singapore when fellow blogger Noemi Dado was carrying one in our Singapore trip for the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards. She was taking photos and videos with it.
It was fun seeing yourself in the frame even if you are the one being shot. I guess it's quite unique with its 2 wide LCD panels, one in front and one at the back. It's front LCD helps you do the trick as you can easily frame and angle yourself in the photo.

The back LCD is for the photographer while the one in front is for self-shooting ideal for couples and children.
It's two-tone matt and shiny body also makes it look extra hip.

Another interesting feature is the autoshoot-smile. Upon smiling, the gadget detects your smile and automatically takes the shot without you pressing any button. That's why Noemi kept saying 'smile' even without doing anything (pressing button).
It's also ideal for taking photos of children with the Child Mode which creates fun, engaging animation that attracts children’s attention and provokes them to make special expressions. :)
Other features include gesture UI, 'Tap and Take', and Smart Auto.

Click here for more photos of the SM MOA Booth.
The Samsung 2View ST500 and ST550 is available at all photo shops nationwide retailing at Php21,990 and Php 16,990 respectively.

Aside from the price, the only difference between the two models is the screen size and resolution with ST500 having 3.0" wide LCD and 230K resolution while ST 550 has 3.5" wide LCD at 1152K resolution.

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