Friday, January 15, 2010

Spy Next Door Movie Brings Back Jackie Chan Comic-Action

Your Spy Next Door movie will be a fun one-and-a-half-hour comic-action movie for your family and kids. With decent action scenes, Jackie Chan style.

For some, it can actually be the problem - the usual Jackie Chan funny-action movie. However, if you do enjoy Jackie's funny antics, and your children also does, it could be worth your, and your family's, while.

Spy next Door's action-comedy theme and simplistic plot is bound to give people a number of laughs. Chan's return to Hollywood after the groundbreaking Forbidden Kingdom where he starred in with fellow Asian Jet Li, is surely welcomed. This time around, Jackie is an inactive spy who suddenly finds himself reluctantly in for another mission challenging his espionage skills while on the way to becoming his girlfriends' kids' new dad.

Lions Gate Films selected Chan as he sensibly fits the role of Bob Ho, the undercover CIA spy who chooses to settle down with next-door girlfriend Gillian (Amber Valletta).

He suddenly turns from being a spy by night into a babysitter by day. Things gets even more complicated with the three reluctant kids and some nasty Russian villains with a biological arsenal that feeds on oil threatening its supply.

Other stars joining Jackie Chan include George Lopez, Lucas Till, and celebrity dad Billy Ray Cyrus. Released locally by Viva International Pictures and directed by Brian Levant, Spy Next Door movie opens nationwide on January 15, 2010.

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