Friday, January 1, 2010

Digital Manila is 1 Year Old!

Thank you all for supporting Digital Manila in its first 365 days of existence. From the current mix-magazine type of blog, expect a big change at the end of the third quarter of 2010.

If 2008 significantly started the year of blogger events, 2009 witnessed a deluge! It's clearly visible with the number of posts here in Digital Manila how the blogging community have emerged and developed.

And I think, in 2010, the blogosphere will be similarly crowded, if not more.

It will be a big change where Digital Manila will transform to having it's own specific niche while a number of affiliate blogs will be born at the same time to catch the other niches to be left by Digital Manila. All of them will belong to one umbrella of united network of blogs.

Think Digital Manila in a wider scope - all this in 10-10-10 (October 10, 2010).

Manila, get ready!

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