Thursday, April 1, 2010

The 4438 Mystery

The 4438 mystery has been abuzz in social media sites and the blogosphere the past few days as Globe, one of the Philippines' giant telecoms is drumming up the beat as April 4, 2010 nears.

Globe has been releasing general feelers and teasers about 4438 though.

What could 4438 stand for? Friends and colleagues over the Internet have guessed about it as a promo of some sort but still some says it's more than that. Actually, Globe has clarified that it is not a promo.

Even my relatives, both Globe and non-Globe users alike, to whom I shared the news are now curious and itching to know. :)

My initial thought is the first two digits which is '44' is related to April 4 (4/4). But what about '38'? 1938? :)

Here is what Globe has to say about it:
"...a text message will be sent to you on that day and this message will surely make you and the rest of the 25 million Globe, Tattoo and TM subscribers happy!"
I hope it has nothing to do with a senator running for re-election whose campaign is also hinged on the "I want you to be happy" slogan. :) (haha!)

Kidding aside, here are some answers to questions which you may have:
1)      What text do we get from 4438?
What you will receive from 4438 is good news for all loyal Globe, Tattoo and TM subscribers like you. Make sure your phone is with you the whole day on April 4 so you’d discover what it really is soonest.

2)      Is this 4438 message free? Will I be charged?
Nope. Definitely not. You will NOT be charged for this. This good news is FREE.

3)      What time will the text come in?
You will receive the message anytime within April 4. Make sure your cellphone is alive and kicking on this day so you won’t be the last to know what this awesome 4438 message is all about!

Here's the 4438: 25 Milyong Globe, Tattoo at TM Subscribers ang Sasaya!  YouTube video:

It's three days away, and we'll soon know what this 4438 is. I hope it turns out to be 4,438 worth of free texts and calls(I'm crossing my fingers) :)

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