Saturday, April 10, 2010

ATI Launch Infocus 2010 Digital Projector Lines

Digital projection global brand and industry pioneer Infocus teamed up with leading I.T. distributor American Technologies Inc. (ATI) in a recent launch of Infocus' new product line of digital projectors.

Entitled "Zoom 2010", Infocus Asia Pacific Country Manager Eugene Lim shared that Infocus is "100% founded on design, development, and marketing of large format display solutions," in his opening remarks.

The Infocus Zoom 2010 launch will showcased a stunning line of digital projectors from the IN100 series which contain all the basic essentials to the ultra powerful and sophisticated features of IN550 series packed in a new sleek design with a noticeable "glow ring".

The new glow ring around the lens emitting a blue neon light readily indicates if the projector is turned on and running smoothly in contrast to old projectors which only have a tiny led light. The glow ring design is actually part of Infous' new "shine branding" which focuses on three core aspects of being a 'Leader', 'Pioneering', and 'Innovation'.

Completing the line of business digital projectors in the launch are the series of IN1100, IN100, IN1500, IN2100, IN3100, IN3900, IN5100, IN5300, and IN5500.
In Photo (from the top. left to right) IN1100, IN100, IN1500, IN2100, IN3100 Series, IN3900, IN5100, SP8602 (White 300dpi), IN5300, and IN5500.

Key technologies found in most of the projectors include being wireless ready, HDMI, DisplayLink, Split Screen, LitePort, LiteShow II, and LiteSwitch.
We are very eager to showcase this new line of projectors from Infocus”, adds Faustino Co, President of American Technologies, Inc. (ATI).

Home Theater Projector

Aside from the business projectors, Infocus also launched the ScreenPlay 8602 Home Theater Projector.

With a typical Filipino home fond of 'videoke' and movie marathons specially during holidays, this home theater projection would be an ideal  alternative for large families with a large number of audience. It can project movies of up to 300 inches of crisp, quality images with native 1080p resolution, bright colors and smooth playback. It is easy to install with upto 5 years of warranty.

Technical features include a native 1080p resolution, a 30,000:1 maximum contrast ratio, Texas Instruments DLP® DarkChip technology with BrilliantColor™ to display more than 1 billion vivid colours with razor-sharpness, and video-optimised 1300 lumens for clarity, colour and vibrancy.

SP8602’s sleek design also offers the option of interchangeable “skins” to match living room décor. Choose from matte black, matte white, glossy black, walnut or pre-primed for custom finishes.

Infocus Zoom 2010 series will be available in Philippines market starting this summer. Visit for details and more information.

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