Monday, June 29, 2009

Maricar Reyes as Grease Woman on May Bukas Pa (with Teaser Video)

My earlier article on Maricar Reyes commended her for her come-back in 'May Bukas Pa' after the Hayden Kho video scandal issue. It would also be interesting to note a similar parallelism in her guest role in the soap as a grease-woman.

In that role, she is despised, humiliated, and mocked upon by the public because of dirty appearance, foul smell and eccentric disposition. Somewhere along the story, leading child character Santino treats at her with sympathy and reagard her as a regular person with feelings, also capable of pain and hurt.
Santino sees that behind her greasy face is a dark past which might have pushed her into becoming a grease-woman. Somehow, Santino wants to give her hope, and perhaps help her heal from a haunting past and lead her to change.

Similarly in real life, Maricar is somehow at this phase of her life where she is rising from a dark past. Emerging beyond the mocking eye of the public from what transpired sometime before and how she overcomes them to go on through life again.

Above is a video teaser (sourced with permission from of Maricar Reyes as grease woman on the TV show 'May Bukas Pa'.

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