Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sandbox Mobile Media Launch a Sandblast

After officially launching site a month ago as a web portal through a number of print, online, and television commercials, Sandbox is now launched as a mobile platform as well. The media event was held earlier this evening at the Bureau in A.Venue along Makati Ave, Makati City.

The party was filled with celebrity guests and personalities like Chris Tiu, Ramon Bautista, Borgy Manotoc, and Brent Javier. Mo Twister and Mojo Jojo hosted the program.
After the introductory speeches of the executives, Sandbox main features such as downloading, gaming, watching, sharing and shopping were represented theatrically with performances.
It boasts of merging social networking, mail, content uploading, and music and video downloading into one website for a complete digital experience. Create and update profiles, upload and check on friends’ photos and videos, write blogs, join forums, send and receive e-mail, as well as download music, games, and various contents.
A mini fashion show was also executed showcasing merchandise that may be available in Digisoria - Sandbox's version of online retail portal.
A preview of upcoming Sandbox television commercials with famous celebrities were also shown to the media. These included the 'My Groups' blogger commercial with Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson.
An even more stellar appeal with Angel Locsin and Piolo Pascual TVC represented the Sandbox 'Watch Me' function.
The party was capped with raffle prizes including new Nokia cell phones and VIP tickets to the Pussy Cat Dolls Manila concert which happened a few hours after the party.

Smart Communications is finally focusing on Sandbox as a mobile platform which is its stronger arm over other current social networking platforms as pointed out in a previous article.

Sandbox proponents also mentioned offering the site's mobile browsing service for free. This is a positive move by Smart for Sandbox users. It would be a big help in its market penetration amidst current loyal users of Friendster, Facebook, and Multiply. Time will tell however, if Sandbox will emerge victorious in this online social dominance.

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