Monday, September 28, 2009

More of Typhoon Ondoy's Wrath (Photo Set)

I visited a relative's house this afternoon in Masambong, Quezon City to bring some food. Their family is a victim of the typhoon Ondoy. Their 2-storey house's first floor was submerged in water last Sept. 26.

Although it was raining since the night before, water did not rise significantly until 9 in the morning since they are on an elevated area in their community. They begun to be alarmed when water started to reach their gate and eventually their apartment unit.

They began moving some appliances to the second floor with priority on the electronics. But the increase in water level was very sudden that it reached knee level by 3pm INSIDE their house!. It's good that there were two men in the household.
They can't do anything about their car parked in the garage but watch it slowly go under the flood.
The rain was not stopping and the water reached it's peak by 10pm almost reaching the first floor's ceiling. The rest of the story will be told through the pictures they managed to take and share:
Thank God, it did not reach second floor where they were already planning to move to the neighbor's rooftop just in case. They were able to bring up some emergency food as well.

The water has subsided the next day but left a total mess of the house. Cabinets and some electronics like stereos and cellphones they were not able to bring up were destroyed. Some wallet, watches, and jewelries were gone with the flood.
They have been cleaning the house of mud and dirt since Sunday and our other relatives bring them food food daily as well since their stove and kitchen appliances were rendered useless. The repair is another headache.

It would certainly take a while before everything goes back to normal and the destroyed appliances replaced.

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